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Bleeding during pregnancy - NEED HELP PLS!!!

My girlfriend is positively pregnant for about 3 months now (after using 4 pregnancy tests, all of them produced two lines)

The problem is - she told me that her body is not undergoing such changes (no vomiting, no fever, no gain weight.. just plain normal)
And to make things more confusing, she found some blood in her panty about a week ago, so I assumed that she IS NOT pregnant and she's going to menstruate, (and I assumed that those pregnancy tests FAILED) but to our surprise, her bleeding stopped. Her bleeding only happened for a day and that's it.

Is this bad? I've heard that this is common.
please give me advices.. nakakatakot kasi baka patay na yung bata sa loob ng tiyan niya eh :( I don't want that to happen.

Thanks doc BU and Doc Ira in advance.


  • batang uliran
    batang uliran Administrator
    Some irregular bleeding in early pregnancy is not unusual because of some hormonal disarray. I suggest you definitively confirm her pregnancy with a trip to the obstetrician for an ultrasound and an HCG level. With the ultrasound, you'll know for sure if the baby is viable or not. Besides, if she is truly pregnant, it's in her and the baby's best interest to receive regular prenatal care.
  • Ira
    Ira Member
    On an added note, don't worry if your girlfriend is not experiencing the symptoms you associate with pregnancy. A lot of mothers-to-be actually don't have symptoms of nausea, food craving, abrupt weight gain, etc. It doesn't mean anything, as long as she and the baby are healthy.
  • Saint of Kelots, I think you should consult an OB gyne ASAP,because the threat of Abortion is still there, Does she have any abdominal pain? Tell her not to engage in any strenous activity until an OB check her up.
  • i agree with them. you should really go to an ob na.

    i also bled for a couple of weeks during my first trimester. and my doctor gave me some meds to help keep the baby safe. she told me it was probably nothing, but that i should take the meds just to be on the safe side.

    good luck and hope your baby is safe. :D
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