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What is AUTISM?


AUTISM is a developmental disability that severely hinders the way information is gathered and processed by the brain, causing problems in communication, learning and social behaviors. It typically appears during the child’s first three years, occurs in roughly 15 to 20 of every 10,000 births and is four times more common in males than females. People with autism live normal life spans and some of the behaviors associated with it may change or disappear over time. Autism has been found through the world in families of all racial, ethnic and social backgrounds.


Although no one specific cause of autism is known, current researches link autism to biological or neurological differences in the brain. The severely incapacitating symptoms are caused by physical disorders of the brain. In some families, there appears to be a pattern of autism or related disabilities which suggests there may be a genetic basis to the disorder, although at this time no one gene has been directly linked to autism. No known factors in the psychological environment of a child have been shown to cause autism.


The following areas are among those which may be affected by autism:

Communication: Language develops slowly or not at all; use of words without attaching the usual meaning to them, gestures use instead of words; short attention span.

Social Interaction: The person with autism may spend time alone rather than with others; show little interest in making friends; less responsive to social cues such as eye contact or smiles.

Sensory impairment: Usual reactions to physical sensations such as being overly sensitive to touch or under responsive to pain; sight, hearing, touch, pain, smell, taste may be affected to a lesser or greater degree.

Play: Lack of spontaneous or imaginative play; does not imitate others’ action; does not initiate pretend games.

Behaviors: May be overactive or very passive; throw frequent tantrums for no apparent reason; may persevere on one single item, idea or person; apparent lack of common sense; may show aggressive or violent behavior or injure self.

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  • my brother is an autistic. Does anybody here knows where I could send him for treatment or whatever may help him.

    any reply will be really appreciated...
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    What kind of treatment are you seeking, and how old is your brother now? Has his IQ been tested?
  • Hi stamp...

    There's Autism Society Philippines located in Kamuning QC. They have great resources such as doctors and schools which can help your brother. ASP is also a parent support group that can help you deal with the situation.

    Maybe you could also go to UP Diliman College of Education Special Education Department so your brother could be assessed. I've interviewed Dr. Edilberto Dizon who is the head of the dept.

    My thesis in college was about autism that's why I know this.
  • my brother turned 14yrs old last Oct. 14. He was never sent to any kind of school. kasi ang gusto lang nyang puntahan eh sumakay sa kotse ng dad ko at mag drive ng mag drive silang dalawa. He was never diagnosed. kasi nga mahirap papuntahin sa ibang lugar, nag wawala...he was brought sa makati med for ct scan yata pero pahirapan talaga kasi hindi sya tinatablan ng gamot, nilalabanan daw,...

    my mom & my dad will eventually migrate dito sa US. hindi sya makakasama, & my dad would probably stay with him jan sa tin than leaving him...so if there's an institution who could help me to take care or help us while waiting for his petition to go here...pero hindi pa rin ako sure na ppayag ang parents ko na maiwan sya...pero i surely need help regarding my brothers case.

    stinkingarden do you have their phone #, or website?
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    If he has not yet been medically worked up yet, you can set an appointment with a developmental pediatrist for starters. These types of doctors specialize in problems like autism and they can refer you to the proper psychologist, school, and other services your brother may need. After the doctor has seen him and cleared him of medical problems, you will be able to freely seek help for him.

    I took the liberty of looking for stinkingarden's very helpful suggestion (i.e. Autism Society Phils.), and their website is http://www.autismphils.org . If you don't know any developmental pediatrician, their website has several recommendations.
  • thank you po sa inyo....
  • magnabashmagnabash PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    What is autism?

    Is autism a disease or a disorder?

    How does autism started?
  • marblesmarbles PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    magnabash wrote: »
    What is autism?

    Is autism a disease or a disorder?

    How does autism started?

    You can read here for more information.
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