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LaBers' Nest... Lloydy and Bea Lovers' Nest ( Part 10)

LaBers nina John Lloyd at Bea…Dito Tayo sa LaB Nest Nila!!! :)


LaBers (noun, pl.) – Lloydy and Bea lovers

Love is the realization of a beautiful dream. It is the miraculous key that unlocks all doors. Love completes us and brings us vision where we once were blind. Love is wise. Love is patient. Love is forgiving. Love is the only truth. Love holds each heart like a fragile ornament, yet gives us strength beyond compare. Love is believing in someone beyond ourselves. It is courage in the face of adversity, faith in the midst of doubt, certainty when all else is unclear. Love awakens us from slumber and frees us from the entrapment of fear. Love finds its voice in passionate whispers, silent gestures, and in a language only two hearts can hear. Love is all abandonment. It knows no sense of beginning or end. It does not measure the distance of the journey. True love lives forever… --Flavia

The word is “LaB”
LaB always wins……………..

LaBers, keep posting…
Ituloy ang LaBing-LaBing…

Spread d LaB………………………………………...:heartbeat:


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  • :rotflmao: Yeah hey may bago na tyong bahay for Bea and JOhn lloyd:D :love: Let's spread the LOVE in here mga LABERS at mga "frend ko"
  • :sweet: :heartpump: Dpat punong-puno ng love tyo d2 sa bhay :heartful: :heartbeat:
  • Tama ba yng pag gawa ko ng thread.sorry ha 1st tym ko kc.At kyo na rin ang mag lagay ng pics wla kc ako.Alis na rin ako....pra kumain ng breakfast:wave:
    :note: Basta’t tayo’y magkasama, laging mayroong umagang kayganda... :note:



    1. Atteiram
    2. Mymai
    3. Chynna
    4. Eliann
    5. Richelle
    6. Peachy
    7. Yolly04
    8. deng2001
    9. gnep
    10. talola
    11. Dandelions
    12. tumsie
    13. lokaloka
    14. shinee_2
    15. thala
    16. garfield_yurkat
    17. zooeyglass
    18. love09spell
    19. june979
    20. super_selosa
    21. yden
    22. Canadianfan_eh
    23. ashley101
    24. jerseygirl
    25. hudson62
    26. samilea
    27. Crissa
    28. Snowflakesj16
    29. Khaye4pj
    30. Cheesecake28
    31. Vurandz
    32. foreverLove
    33. Artsyviray
    34. inaniR
    35. Misty_rios
    36. ka_lami_oy
    37. yhengski
    38. diehard
    39. cera_13
    40. jhonbars
    41. Kriz7(kristine)
    42. Vicster
    43. Shng
    44. HenryjKAPAMILYA
    45. ~ulan~
    46. joshtieBJL
    47. gandarabei
    48. joanne
    49. Natrayple
    50. ybsad
    51. Marimea
    52. kay77
    53. mlccip
    54. tes1
    55. arriana
    56. jennylou_mb
    57. friends8 - charlotte
    58. bam
    59. jenhar - jenny
    60. leuven
    61. fernie
    62. pammy32
    63. Sweet_chocoMM
    64. crazy4jlcba
    65. unice
    66. samahan
    67. chesvi_04
    68. bei_lloydie – mimi/Sheila
    69. cute_ako17 –cha
    70. 2toyBibo
    71. angel_rezal
    72. swtbabyk
    73. chuby911
    74. LadyLove24
    75. kApAmiLyArOCkS
    76. mara_dy
    77. Purple_Ash
    78. avidfan – inane
    79. zuree
    80. lafflyf
    81. carenjasmine
    82. jcrockzzz
    83. local_gurl
    84. maisara
    85. simply_mae
    86. ging24

    The No. 1 & Hottest Loveateam of All Time ...Prince & Princess of RP Movies... JOHN LLOYD CRUZ & BEA ALONZO

    May laman ung 2 eh, may sustansya ung 2. Pinakahgit doon, may talento sila, higit sa pgpapacute. Ang knilang talento ay hndi nasusukat sa tilian ng fans. Ang talento nila ay nkikita sa galing sa pgganap ng mga roles. Kya tatagal sila, at nangingibabaw sila… - direk jose javier reyes

    They act well together...... they blend well together... - direk laurenti dyogi

    Faith, Hope & Love...but the greatest of these is LOVE :heartbeat:
  • "Hollywood Couple... Out on a Date" :love: :lovealot: ;)

  • wow! bago na haus!!!! di pa ko tapos sa kabila!!! balik muna ko don!!! :wave:
  • kriz....thanks for starting d new thread....:cheers:

    :bounce2: :bounce2:
  • BEAlicious & LLOYDYlicious :love: :D;)

  • HAPPY NEW 10TH HAUS LABERS :bounce2: :cheers:

    Congrats sa lahat...

    Let's fill this haus with lots of love again :heartbeat:

  • :heartbeat: :lovers: :D

  • congratulations sa bagong bahay! :bounce2:


    sleep na tayo kasi sleep na sila eh... goodnight mga frends ko...
  • chynna_cb wrote:
    BEAlicious & LLOYDYlicious :love: :D;)




    GOD BLESS US!!!!!!

    NIGHTY NYT TO EVERYONE!!!!!!:wave:
  • Love grows here.... :heartpump: :heartpump: :heartpump:

  • BeaandJLCSSMJuly2005_5.jpg

    Nyt shine, fifi :wave: sweet dreams "frends ko" :D
  • Love grows here. (copyright maan) :D


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