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Mike Arroyo's "Exile"

during GMA's speech at the Phil Business Forum said that her husband has volunteered to go abroad to remove himself from any situation that would cast doubt on her presidency.


  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator

    Don't you just love the English language?
  • =P he should probably bring his wife with him....right ? :rotflmao:
  • Big ManBig Man PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Volunteered daw - what a laugh. :lol: :rotfl: :rotflmao:

    Only the naive GMA apologists and bootlickers would believe that cr*p.
  • Maaring volunteer si kuya Mike to go abroad... into the arms of ate Vicky. :D
  • renzrenz PExer
    bondying wrote:
    Maaring volunteer si kuya Mike to go abroad... into the arms of ate Vicky. :D

    naunahan mo ako ah. nyahahhaah! dala dala ang pera ng bayan. na-withdraw na kasi jose pidal sr. isama ba naman si junior. nyahahahha! :rotflmao:
  • logo-absi.gif
    Mike Arroyo to leave country

    First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo has "volunteered" to go abroad following media reports of his alleged influence on several government transactions and appointments, President Arroyo announced Wednesday.

    "My husband has volunteered to go abroad. His projects have been the object of pillory," Mrs. Arroyo said in a speech before the Philippine Business Leaders Forum at the Manila Polo Club.

    She added that Arroyo's leave would dispel doubt and innuendo about the first gentleman's influence in the government.

    The President also reminded public officials of her administrative order disallowing public officials not to transact with members of the first family on government contracts and supplies.

    She noted that the accomplishments of the administration had been "overshadowed by political noise" due to the wiretapping and jueteng issues affecting the administration and the First Family
  • Big ManBig Man PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hahahaha, volunteered daw. :lol:

    Mas maganda na lang sana kung inutos ni GMA ang immediate public execution ni Piggy - baka mas magandang PR yun para sa kanya. :up:
  • Dapat noong year 2000 pa siya umalis. Bakit ngayon lang.
  • ang *****-***** naman ng mga political adviser ni gloria.. bakit ngayon pa?? halatang-halatang may itinatago sila!!...

    nakakainis.. ang bobobo nila! .. ganitong mga to ba hahawak ng pamamalakad ng bansa???

  • Caesar's Pig, I mean Wife, should be above suspicion.
  • As if hindi sila pwede mangurakot while abroad.....
  • bondying wrote:
    Maaring volunteer si kuya Mike to go abroad... into the arms of ate Vicky. :D

    ...Or into the comforts of a $20,000 Las Vegas suite
  • Pao|oPao|o PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    In the first place the spouse of the President should never ever be allowed a role in govt. That goes to family & relatives too. There are 85 million pinoys to choose from so why isolate yourself to family?

    Behavior is very Filipino.
  • ***double post***
  • I could care less if Mike Arroyo leaves the country, as long as my taxes doesn't have to pay for his plane fair and lodgings.
  • --wala syang kwentang asawa, dapat "for better or for worse,in sickness and in health,'till death do they part" dapat walang iwanan sa ere! :glee:
  • Saceifice ba yung,pupunta ka pa sa abroad?

    Sarap ng buhay nya dun.

    Puede pa silang magkita ulit ni Vicky Toh.

    Dapat sa bundok papuntahin si Mike.

    Nga pala,bakit siya aalis, paano yan nasa Hello garci tape din sya ha.
  • hebehebe PExer
    tsismis lang yang tungkol kay Vicky Toh. kayo naman, aalis na nga ang tao, pabayaan nyo na.

    Mike Arroyo's statement:
    I love my wife very much. It has been difficult for me to see her suffer through the negative press I have received. If there is anything I can do, any sacrifice I can make, to give her peace of mind, I would never hesitate to do it. That is why I have offered to leave. Being away from my wife and my family is a very painful decision.
  • SACRIFICE!!!!??????......Just because he's leaving his family behind.....and the whole family including the "apos" will miss him daw!!!!!..............Is GMA not even thinking of our OFWs, who, just to feed their family will endanger their lives and go to a war torn country!!!!!

    Eh sila mag papaka sarap lang sa abroad.....may choice pa kung US o HK daw!!
  • volunteered? o pinatakas? They know that the fall of pidal family is imminent kaya inuna na nila si sr kasi baboy ang taba, mahirap bitbitin.

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