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about oral sex

may possibility bang mahawa ka ng STD or HIV (if ur partner have this disease) tru oral sex? if yes, how?


  • batang uliran
    batang uliran Administrator
    Yes - HIV virus can be found in both ***** and vaginal secretions and it is well known that this virus can penetrate mucous membranes - i.e. the lining of your mouth and throat.
  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Common sexually transmitted diseases and the risk of transmission thru oral sex:

    1. Hepatitis B- can be passed from saliva to vagina or penis and vice versa, although the risk is believed to be low.

    2. Herpes- Very easily passed if sores are present, but it's still possible to transmit this even without sores.

    3. Chlamydia- Unknown, although may be possible thru *****.

    4. Genital warts- It is possible but uncommon to transmit the genital wart virus through oral sex.

    5. HIV- Possible. There have been documented cases of people getting infected from giving oral sex, but there have been no recorded cases of getting HIV from getting oral sex yet.

    6. Syphilis- Very easily transmitted through contact with open sores (chancres) on the penis, vagina, ***** or mouth.

    7. Gonorrhea- Moderately easily transmitted. Usually transmitted from the penis into the throat.

    8. Non-gonococcal urethritis- Probably easily. No studies have been done measuring the risk of oral transmission. However, some doctors do treat cases of orally transmitted NGU.

  • How high is the risk of getting HIV by giving oral sex? I believe that is lower that anything else (that is, direct sexual contact including anal, blood transfusion, sharing needles, dental operations with infected instruments, etc.) and is increased if the mouth has open wounds or sores.
  • Ira
    Ira Member
    The incidence for transmitting HIV is much, much lower in oral sex than in the "normal" direct sexual contact.
  • pinhead
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    thanx bu and ira....
  • TRUST no one...
  • FineST
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    Fly High, i dont think na you won't trust anyone. meaning ba non na kahit gf mo or bf (kase di ko alam kung lalaki ka or babae eh, sorry) di pagkakatiwalaan? siguro naman walang taong nasa isang relationship ang gustong magkasakit ang partner niya diba?
    kahit pareho kayong virgin?

    so i guess ill just leave that you guys.
  • wala na yatang safe ngayon! silly.gif
  • fridoh
    fridoh your nasty_brother
    Ang alam ko mahahawa ka ng AIDS through oral sex kung nakalunok ka ng ilang gallons ng seminal fluid.
  • lol.giffridoh!

    pwede ng pampaligo yan eh!
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  • acquiesce
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    Originally posted by fridoh
    Ang alam ko mahahawa ka ng AIDS through oral sex kung nakalunok ka ng ilang gallons ng seminal fluid.

    i read somewhere na kung nakainom ka ng 10 gallons ng saliva (not seminal fluid, kasi kung seminal fluid, mahahawa ka kaagad) tsaka ka mahahawa ng HIV, doc! paconfirm naman nito...
  • I cannot recall how much saliva you have to take in before you are at a risk for AIDs, but yes, it is by gallons at one sitting. Which is impossible to produce, anyway.
  • pyket
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    innocent comment:

    10 gallons??? medyo may makakagawa ba nito? :D may gugusto bang gumawa nito??? :)
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