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JFK's reflex

The JFK assassination on November 22, 1963 happened a long time ago, but many things about it remain unanswered.

I have one question about it that might get answered here: a question concerning physiology (is this the right word?)

In the famous pictures from the Zapruder film, JFK after the first shot is shown with his elbows out and his clenched hands raised to his throat. I've read somewhere that JFK here is exhibiting a little-known reflex caused by the first bullet hitting him in the back, (in the shoulder or the lower neck? I can't remember which now.)

My question is, would anybody know the name of that reflex?

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  • Kamatayan
    Kamatayan www.digitalfrap.com
    The Oh-My-God-I'm-Been-Hit-In-The-Back Reflex ?
  • very funny, kamatayan!!! lol.gif
  • Ira
    Ira Member
    As I understand it, JFK was shot from the back of the neck prior to the fatal head wound. The only reflex that I could think of that involves both arm and neck movement would be the symmetric tonic neck reflex. This means that when the head is tilted up, the cervical vertebrae stimulates the arms to extend and at the same time inhibits arm flexion. In contrast, a downward head tilt promotes arm flexion and inhibits arm extension (which I assume is what happened to JFK?). I'm not really sold on the reflex clutching of the neck concept, though. The first bullet entered the back of his neck--I think his clutching the neck was just a surprised reaction (and not a reflex) due to the bullet's entry.
  • Kamatayan
    Kamatayan www.digitalfrap.com
    Mali pa pala grammar ko... That's I've-been-hit not I'm-been-hit
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