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As we all know, Grant Hill and Tracy Mcgrady was traded to Orlando Magic and Tim Duncan was resigned to Spurs and Reggie Miller to Pacers. Eddie Jones to Miami Heat. Rumors has it that Glen Rice was traded off to some other team. I'm not quite sure if Portland's Grant was traded to another team and Shawn Kemp to Portland.

Please share some facts that you know.


  • Indeed, they finally went through with that trade they'd been talking about forever. It's a three-team sign-and-trade in effect. Brian Grant signs a contract with the Blazers and is then traded to the Miami Heat. The Heat then trade Chris Gatling, Clarence Weatherspoon and Gary Grant to Cleveland. The Cavs then trade Shawn Kemp to the Blazers.

    It looks like the trade works great for everyone, and I think most will agree. Miami gets a great frontcourt player; Cleveland gets more warm bodies who can score points; and Kemp gets a chance to start over in a city that will give him a chance. Great trade. Now if someone will just take Rice off the Lakers' hands.
  • Poor Rice! No one really likes to trade for him. I think he's off the Lakers team and Isaiah Rider checks in. I think my no.1 pick for these year's team is either Portland or Miami.
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