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Hi Doc Ira,

I have a question. A year ago I got an allergic attack and I don't know why I got it. The welts on my face were so bad (muhka akong binugbog) that my dad insisted on bringing me to the hospital. The doctor there recommended a topical cream called Dermovate, to be applied to relieve the itchiness and welts. I noticed that after application my skin would really clear up, as in super soft baby skin. One time after a really bad week (as in puyat), my skin was blothchy and had welt-like things on it and I applied the Dermovate again, getting the same results. Is this medication alright to use even if I don't have an allergy just to clear up my skin...I don't use it everyday of course, siguro mga 2x a month lang, is that ok?

Also, is it true that a person can get allergic to a type of food he/she has been eating before? The doc at the hosp said kasi that it might have been the shrimps I ate or a poultry or dairy product. But I've been eating them for years, so how can i suddenly be allergic to them?

Hope you can answer my questions Doc Ira, thanks so much! :)


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    Dermovate cream (Generic: Clobetasol) is a very strong steroid cream. As with other strong steroids, it is not safe to use it without a doctor's go-signal, because steroids have adverse side effects, even if it's just in cream form. The reason why your skin became baby soft is because steroid also promotes thinning of the skin. If you get allergies, you can use it 2x a day until it improves, then you should stop. DON'T use it for anything else! :)

    About the allergies--yes, you can develop allergic reactions to things which you weren't allergic before. And a lot of times, it will just suddenly disappear. However, your allergies may or may not be due to seafood. I guess the doctor said seafood because it's the most frequent cause of allergies, but oftentimes, the littlest things which never caused you problems--dust, pollen, mites, etc.--may actually be the culprit. If you want to find out what you're really allergic to, go see an allergologist or a dermatologist who can administer skin tests using these known allergens without you being in danger of any systemic allergic reaction. That way you know what to avoid.
  • bayblishuzbayblishuz Member PExer
    Thanks Doc Ira! I'll stop using the cream na. :)

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