Patanong lang po tungkol sa hermaphrodite....Bakit nagkakaroon ng tao na dalawa ang "ano"? Pwede ba nilang mabuntis ang sarili nila?


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    There are 2 kinds of hermaphroditism, true hermaphroditism (the presence of both ovarian [female] and testicular [male] reproductive tissue), and pseudohermaphroditism (ambiguous external genitalia [but there is only one type of reproductive organ, either the ovary or the testes, but not both], or genitalia that may not match the genetic make-up of the person [e.g. female genitalia in an XY, genetically male, individual]). True hermaphroditism is very, very rare throughout history and is not really well understood. Theoretically, they can self-impregnate themselves, although I have never come across any case that has done so, because, as I've said, there are really too few cases to study on. Pseudohermaphroditism is more common (actually, you see them relatively frequently in the PGH Pediatric outpatient department, hehe), and it is not possible for pseudohermaphrodites to impregnate themselves.

    Conditions attributed to the development of hermaphroditism include fetal exposure to either oral progestins or androgens, congenital adrenal hyperplasia (present at birth, characterized by deficiency of cortisol and aldosterone hormones and an overproduction of androgen), chromosomal abnormalities like Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, testicular feminization syndrome (development of female sex characteristics in a male. Patients are genetic males, but have normal female appearance), and developmental abnormalities like XY gonadal dysgenesis and XY gonadal agenesis.
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    Many thanks doc....

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