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Magazine about new media?

loc0loc0 PExer
By new media, I mean digital art, graphic design, layout design, even web design, etc.. anything that's both visual and digital in nature. Preferably not digital photography mags, I don't even have a digicam.

What are the good ones or at least what's locally available? I tried looking in nearby malls and the most promising I could find were digital photography magazines. I just started working full time as a graphic designer and I feel like I should get my feet wet, soak in whatever's new and familiarize myself with the industry.

I'd like to know the what, where, and how much :D


  • maris_blaisemaris_blaise Member PExer
    there are lots of great digital art BOOKS around. but sadly, i can't find any digital art magazines locally available that are worth the mention.

    you can alternatively try these websites for online resources... some magazine websites can deliver to the philippines although it would be considerably more expensive.

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