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why do we need to quarrel for tv ratings?

TV-crime_killerTV-crime_killer PEXnatic Tamer PExer
may i just ask...
why wouldnt we just respect each others choice of channel they want to watch...
afterall there's no no. 1 channel here...
people are just creating it...
why dont we just get a life...
i mean the peaceful one...
knowing network war is just a senseless waste of time...
why cant we focus on how to reconstruct the nation?
dont you have other cable channels?
sa totoo lang,pareho lang nmn silang nagagayahan...matino sana ang mga palabas nila kung di nagninitsa ng away...


  • TV-crime_killerTV-crime_killer PEXnatic Tamer PExer
    Tayo-Tayo sila-sila system ang pinapairal
    Bakit di na lang "masaya ka dyan masaya din ako dito...masaya ako't masaya ka dyan sana masaya ka rin para sakin"
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] haremnojutsu PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i've been asking the same question myself!? what's with the ratings anyway!
  • thegambitthegambit Member PExer
    Usually kasi mga taga-loob nagpapasimula nyan eh (Both ABS and GMA).
  • kryptonite_819kryptonite_819 Miyembro PExer
    parang mga batang nagpapataasan ng ihi.. pag mas mataas ang ihi mas maganda.. :glee:
  • sadikesadike Member PExer
    At ano kaya napapala ng mga nag aaway? Mga empleyado ba sila ng network na pinaglalaban nila?
  • uncleBOBuncleBOB Member PExer
    No too long before kasi as far as TV is concerned most people do not care about the ratings because it's been ABS CBN all along that's lording it over. For the past decade, the station is comfortably on top and as always, many of its programs were top raters. So people got used to it as the years passed by. Then day in recent time, the situation has drastically changed...for the very first time, ABS is no longer no.1 in the ratings. Suddenly from out of nowhere, GMA came charging full speed and overtaken the giant network. This of course did not sit well with the network and its legions of fans ...and the War of the Words rages on.....

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