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The course of asthma varies from person to person. In some it is present in childhood and disappears with adulthood. In others it is a lifelong problem with numerous exacerbations. And many fall in between these two categories. The important point to remember is that in the vast majority of cases it can be controlled to the point where the person is able to lead a normal life.


  • c_chipc_chip Member PExer
    my doctor told me that there is no cure for asthma but it can be prevented. how true is this?
  • asteriskasterisk Member PExer

    Yes, asthma is not curable, but you can minimize or prevent the attacks. I have asthma so do my brother and sister. But mine has been dormant for years now but my siblings can have severe attacks that they woul be brought to the hospital. We still don't know if it's congenital or environment. Since our parents and all of our relatives have no asthma, it must be environmental. Most asthma attacks are precipitated by allergic reactions particularly, dust, fur and the weather. I've undergone an allergy test and surprisingly I have no particular allergies. My brother and sister vary, ranging from dust to certain kinds of food. There are certain times of the year when the attacks get so often and severe. Exhaustion and too much laughing can also precipitate asthma.

    The handiest medicine we use is the Ventolin Inhaler (salbutamol), which can pumped/sprayed directly into our lungs and feel relief. There are several oral medicines, we prefer the inhaler. We also have a nebulizer.

    Do you have an asthma?
  • asteriskasterisk Member PExer

    My mother who always believed that there is probably cure. Since conventional medicine says there is none, she eyed the folk beliefs. Once she roasted a house lizard (yes, the butiki) and pounded it into a powder and tricked us into eating it by mixing it into our merienda of pancit. She undermined how smart her son is. We didn't it of course? But we took in some after some prodding and to appease her. She triend toning (you know Johnny Midnight and all that weird rituals). She bought many chinese medicines like dried seahorse. Of course, the classic sambong and dried papaya leaves that should be rolled and smoked.
    She also tried faith healing (would u beleive it). My fanatic aunt was her conspirator in bringing to various faith healers. There this one woman who would massage her patients and kept on burping all time. It was said that she was burping out the disease. One faith healer told us about little dwendes and all that stuff an dhe also told us to drink our urine first thing in the morning. We didn't do it, of course, and when my aunt called to ask us if we drank our urine, we lied. Anyway, these faith healers did not cure us. Mayber because we were little blasted, faithless heathens. :)
  • c_chipc_chip Member PExer
    asterisk: yes i do have asthma. it was acquired. my grandma, mom, dad, my ate, my dad's brother & sister and a bunch more relatives have it. :( sounds bad eh?!?! my doctor had me geared up with several inhalers and pills if needed. i've been experiencing severe attacks lately. i just feel uncomfortable about it... here's my routine...
    in the morning and at bedtime, i inhale primavent (3 puffs)& oxis (2 shots);
    as often as needed, i inhale berodual (3-4 puffs);
    for my cough i take ventolin expectorant (3x a day);
    for my colds i take tavegyl-d (2x a day);
    when my attack comes at night, i take banbec (1 tablet every 10pm) for a week;
    i have steroids every 2 weeks - prednisone (6 tablets every 3pm for 5 consecutive days);
    and finally, whenever my asthma attack is sooooo bad, then comes the injectibles. with all these i feel easy relief, but won't all these affect other parts of my health?
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I hate to say it but your asthma management is very poor. What you really need is a better doctor! At this time, there is very little role for injectables and prednisone should be used VERY sparingly if at all. I have seen hundreds of asthma patients (young and old, mild to very severe)and perhaps 5% of them require prednisone at least once or twice a year. The vast majority do not! Prednisone taken regularly has MANY bad long term effects - eg. high blood sugars, osteoporosis and fractures, bruising of the skin, increased susceptibility to infections, cataract formation, suppression of the body's natural steroid production, fluid retention, and many more. You should be on a steroid inhaler of good potency (eg. fluticasone which acts locally and is generally not absorbed into the bloodstream hence minimal side effects), a long acting bronchodilator (eg. serevent) and your proventil only as needed - not regularly. Your case is not unusual though since many asthmatics in the Philippines are not optimally managed.

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  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    .....and let's not forget: Long-term prednisone=zits! :D
  • silversilver Member PExer
    i heard that swimming can help lessen asthma attacks... i have a friend who has it and she took swimming lessons one summer and it made a significant difference... i also heard people advise people with asthma to take up swimming...

    ... does swimming help?
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Not really. Swimming per se like other forms of physical exertion can actually trigger an asthma attack. However, if you warm up before doing laps then you lessen the chances of the asthma getting triggered by swimming.
  • asteriskasterisk Member PExer
    Swimming? I really don't know if it helped me. I've undergone regular swimming. It made my lungs grow stronger. Or at least that is waht they say. But I am not bothered by minor attacks, even barely noticed that I am actually wheezing.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Swimming DOES NOT make your lungs "stronger." With the proper medications and advice, you can swim and participate in other athletic activities without being limited by your asthma.
  • CalaCala Member PExer
    hello, my fellow asthmatics.

    c_chip, dear lord, you take that much?

    like you, my asthma is acquired, and for most of my childhood, it was dormant. my first attacks, the first times i felt that i couldn't breathe happened in college, usually due to stress.

    yes, asthma is not curable, but it is manageable most of the time. it's one of those things you need to be always alert about, so you should know the signs that your body is giving you that is telling you that you're just about to abuse it. the problem with a lot of asthmatics, it seems, is the tendency to be complacent. and the sad thing is that asthma is very traitorous.

    maybe i'm lucky to have a good doctor who's a specialist, and has known my medical history since i was a kid. then again, my asthma is not that severe (though i had the unfortunate incident of being hospitalized -- i hated that).

    there is one medication that i dare to use as home remedy -- it's a herbal medicine called lagundi. batang uliran, any notes on this? it's supposed to be anti-asthmatic, and it's very effective in my case.

    the ventolin inhaler is also my maintenance medication, which i take before i do anything totally strenuous.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    There is no scientific evidence that lagundi helps with asthma.
  • Dan BlazeDan Blaze Member PExer
    I think Asthma can be cured gradually and one thing that can help a lot is constant exercise...preferably swimming.
  • liplockerliplocker le asylum freak PExer
    does swimming really work? i took up swimming for one semester in PE and i wasn't able to get rid of my asthma. in fact, sometimes, after a class, i would inhale my medicine because of some asthma attacks. pahamak pa ang teacher... binitin ako sa grades because of a required UAAP game.
    btw, are nebulizers recommended for every person who has asthma?
    i'm already taking ventolin rotacaps because the spray/pump doesn't work on me anymore... i guess one day i'll be dealing with those machines!

  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Again, swimming DOES NOT cure asthma.
  • asteriskasterisk Member PExer
    What does make the the lungs grow stronger? Or there is none really, because lungs are not like muscles that can get stronger with exercise? Hmmm...then lung strengthening is just a myth?
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Again, Swimming DOES NOT, repeat DOES NOT fix or cure asthma. In fact it can trigger an asthma attack like any physically taxing event.

    Nebulizers are rarely used in this day and age (except in very young children and very old adults since these patients usually can't use an inhaler properly). The treatment of choice is inhaled steroids and if needed, long acting bronchodilators (eg. salmeterol) and your ventolin should only be used as a rescue medication and not as a regular medication unless your asthma is VERY MILD - eg. one or two attacks per month.


    lung "strengthening" (I don't really know what that means) IS A TOTAL FALLACY! One can totally control asthma and again, IT DOES NOT RESOLVE WITH SWIMMING!
  • gjtechgjtech IamLiam PExer
    i used to have asthma attacks when i was still a kid up to fifth grade. summer after that i went swimming regularly (until high school), and have not had a serious asthma attack ever since. don't know if it was because of swimming though, but that was the only thing that i added to my routine then.

    i used to take ventolin syrup.
  • DokmanDokman Member PExer
    hehehe... there are a lot of medicines for asthma, but one should realize that what is important is the PREVENTION of asthma attack. One should be aware of all the triggering factors for one's asthma attack. This way, one may be able to avoid or at least, lessen the severity of the asthma attack
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    gjtech: As BU has said, asthma attacks tend to decrease/disappear as you grow older. It's most probably just coincidental. :)

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