losing virginity

How will u know if a girl/guy is still a virgin? sabi if a girl daw doesnt bleed upon intercourse d na raw sya virgin. but i read naman somwhere na thats not true coz some girls really just dont bleed at all. one more thing...to all those non virgin guys out there....would u be disappointed or would u mind if the the girl u were with was no longer a virgin herself?


  • Gurl_in_RushGurl_in_Rush Member PExer
    me nabasa naman ako from a magazine.....na ur gonna use ur virginity when you climb sa 2 stairs? tama ba yun? na unti unti raw na mawawala ang pagka virgin mo?
    e ganun pa naman ako..i walk fast.i climb up the stairs fast...*sigh*
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    A virgin is someone who has never had sex. No matter what old wives' tales you have heard regarding losing your virginity to doing splits, horsebackriding, pagbubunot or climbing two steps is simply untrue. You may lose your hymen (a thin sheet of membrane inside the vagina) doing these things but this doesn't guarantee that a woman is no longer a virgin. That little piece of membrane is what often bleeds once it is perforated. Yet, some hymens are lost, tough or simply do not bleed and some silly people think that this is still the basis for virginity.

    I think you cannot tell if a woman is a virgin or not unless she undergoes a medical examination. The guys really cannot tell. Even the guy "slipped" in easily, a woman could still be a virgin because of several factors. She no longer has a hymen, her vagina is well lubricated and so forth...

    As for guys, there is absolutely no way you can tell that he is a virgin or not. Unless of course you discovered that he has an STD.

  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Personally, I don't really see what the whole fuss is about with this small thin piece of tissue. Like what Ice Burn said, you can tear the hymen when you stretch your legs wide enough--gymnastics, swimming, horseback riding, etc. If you base your definition of virginity thru a piece of tissue, then yes, you can get devirginized. Otherwise, if you define virginity as not having ever had sexual intercourse, a girl can still remain a virgin even if she has already lost her hymen.

    It's a myth that guys always know when a girl is a virgin. A lot of guys don't. And yes, some girls don't bleed. You really never know for certain, unless you have the girl examined and certified by an ob-gyne.
  • haaaaaaaayhaaaaaaaay RAWWWWRRRRRR!!! PExer
    wtg! Doc Ira Moren Tan lol
    I salute you! =)
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    Welcome to PEx, haaaaaaaay. :)
  • jerryleejerrylee Member PExer
    Yes, I believe that a female can still be a virgin and not bleed at her first time. It happened to my sis, good thing the guy he married was not too concerned about the matter.
  • jerryleejerrylee Member PExer
    I mean "she". lol
  • kirstennkirstenn Member PExer
    Virginity i think is just a state of mind.
  • juliajulia Member PExer
    well, if what you all just said are true...
    hmm...made me think...the first time my ex and i did it, i didn't bleed, nor did it hurt...it was really weird...and then we kept doing it and i never bled nor experienced even a single sign of pain...we've done it so many times na but i just never bled...nor experienced any pain...
    why is this? some say it's probably because of my ex's size..too small daw kaya walang nasira..but then from what i learned in school before, diba the hymen is just near the surface of the vagina's opening? eh i can attest naman na hindi maliit yun size ng ex ko...so now what?
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    julia: If you didn't bleed the first time, doing it over and over again on the offchance that you'll bleed is not the way to go. :) You were probably lubricated enough by your bf's foreplay not to experience pain the first time. Kudos to your bf for knowing not to do the "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" bit. As for the hymen, it was probably torn accidentally during childhood. Don't worry about it.
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    A gynecologist would know if your hymen is intact by doing an internal exam: a.) The ob-gyn can manually palpate the hymen if it's present; or, in special cases, (they don't do this one in this country if the patient is a virgin) b.) a speculum is inserted into your vaginal canal, so you can visualize the structures within. If the hymen is intact, you will see the tissue. If not, there is what is called "hymenal tags" left within canal.
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  • EinaEina Member PExer
    Just curious as to how the gynecologist would know.
  • EinaEina Member PExer
    But given that other things could cause it to tear, how can the gynecologist be sure that sexual intercourse is in fact the culprit?
  • wAgKaNgMaKaLaTwAgKaNgMaKaLaT Member PExer
    nde no...they don't know
    for sure...d ba? eek.gif
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    A gynecologist won't know what caused it.
  • graciagracia Member PExer
  • carlonicarloni Outcast PExer
    born-again virgin! hahaha! dat as a good one gracia!

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