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have you ever had a "fight" with a friend?

have you ever had a "fight" with a friend...... for no apparent reason or :confused: ?
since "feeling" mo eh ndi nman tlga dapat pagawayan...it ends up na naging magkaaway kayo for no reason...


  • not really...but have a fight with your friend is not a pleasant experiece. maybe to her it was nothing, but in my point of view she offended me but never did mention it coz it would only complicate the situation. i made a good move, coz if i let my emotions get the worst in me at that time we probably won't be friends until this day.
  • For the last 3 years, my social life was all about a friend i trusted and loved. We had numerous fights, at times emanating from things he has done, what he said, what he did or did not do. Minsan mabababaw, minsan nakakasama talga ng loob. Even I recognize the fact that there are things that we shouldn't have argued about but we did. We survived them all and late last year, I started to believe that we would always be the way we were - the best of friends, fighting at times but would always have each other to run to in the end.

    Unfortunately, the worst happened. I am already very much aware that his friends do not exactly understand what we have. I have heard comments like, "how can you be friends with when she is not like us and not a reporter for that matter." funny thing is he would tell me this. I lived with it but hey, I am human so fogive me really if I do not have a liking for some his friends. January, I found out that another friend of his, with whom I was insanely jealous with told some people about who i had a thing for in their industry ( such a small industry) . These information she got from my so-called best friend. i was furious when I heard it, and also very much embarassed. His other friend told me, "wala kang karapatang magalit, ganun talga sa media." So for that night, i actually want to let it go even if those words seem to cut through me. Anong karapatan niya na sabihin what I should and shouldn't feel.But what was really striking was his reaction. He was irritated by my reaction. That made me think. I always took his side in the end. None of my friends would dare harm him through words or actions and let me know about it. I expect the same courtesy, I do not think it is too much. But for him to be irritated for my reaction is something else. I am human. I get mad when i feel slighted.

    When we talked he echoed what his friend said, "wala kang karapatang magalit. i welcomed you in my industry, ganyan talga sa media, anong karapatan mong magalit sa mga kaibigan ko. . .? Kung mga kaibigan mo ang gumawa niyan, magalit ka, pero hindi sa mga kaibigan ko. . .!" Then he pulled the plug. He told me I do not trust him. When in fact, everytime there is a fight and my friends were kind enough to hear me out, I would always listen to his defense, his arguments, his side of the story. And no matter how lame these stories were, I always think of the one thing he placed in my head - "nobody understands us but us. Do not expect them ( our friends ) to understand) - and I believed him all these time." Letting go under those circumstances was difficult. After all these time, this is what will make us give up. Ang masakit pa kasi, in the past he defended his friends against me and i respected that, in fact, admired him for that thinking that he is doing the same for me. They were the untouchables. Only to realize in the end, that that kind of friendship is reserved only for those in the media.

    Even with all these, I was willing to patch things up with him. But he already gave up. I hope his friends are all worth it. He told me I was a good friend, the best probably but that I can never and will never understand his industry. It was the worst excuse I ever heard. One that I never expected from a friend I have stood side by side with through the years.

    I will stop here. magkaaway na kami and while he claims he can be civil with me, i feel so betrayed that i honestly cannot be civil with him just in case. I would rather pretend that I do not see him.

    Of all things, I least expected this to happen. Hindi ganun kabigat. Puro rason lang.
  • Oo. Sadly naman, 'di na kami kaibigan. Yet I gained a new batch of buds out of the loss. Ganyan talaga ang buhay, I guess.
  • ^ nakakalungkot ano? totoo nga. pero sabi mo ganyan tlga life.

    there are things u cud never ever turn back and u wud never ever wish.

    :drive: driving away....
  • yes, ive had fights with a friend, tapos minsan sobrang shallow pa nung reasons like, yung isa gusto kumain sa mcdo, ung isa sa chowking. tapos ayaw magpatalo nung dalawa so away na.

    pero bati rin kami kagad after kumain..

    ...gutom lang yan eh! ;)
  • present...
    pero the fight made our friendship stronger.

    you just have to lose your pride sometimes and admit that we all make mistakes :)
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