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CLOSE-UP to FAME (abs' new reality tv show hosted by HEART and GEoff )



  • Ang daming cutie pies sa contest na to'! :)
  • ang dami talagang cute guys...kaya nga watched ako yesterday at sobrang happy ako dahikl wala na yung nakakadirign kaya mo ba to! :D
  • mj09mj09 PExer
    sinong kumanta ng themesong???freestlye o kyla?
  • ^^ si Barbie po (as in the one in Barbie's Cradle) :)
  • BAT WALA TO SA TFC??????????????????????? Nauron tuloy ng isang oras ang lahat ng programa! :angry:
  • ^^ Tingin ko dahil kasi di naman ABSCBN produced ang show at Close Up naman ang nagproduce and they just bought time from ABSCBN...

  • hay naku!! puro nalang love team search!! ang qpids nag hnd nag click eto pakaya!!!!!!!!!
  • guys, sa ilan rito... will u stop quarreling, nakakagulo lang sa thread.

    no offensement, but pakibawasan naman yung mga pics ng artists na wala namang connection sa " close up to fame"... ok lang yung kina heart & geoff.

    peace out!!!


    well, about the prog...

    i find it entertaining & exciting

    FYI: oj decena of star circle quest 2 is part of top 24

    my favorites here are CARINE of ateneo de davao university as well as BILLY of ateneo de naga university. i just hope maging love team rin sila in the end.

    im proud of my fellow ateneans

    gusto ko rin si teena of davao... shes hot!!!

    by the way, # 1 si carine; # 20 si billy; # 13 si teena

    most contestants come from davao city, theyre all good & most of them have nice house.

    hmmm, ok rin si GERIKA ng la salle- benilde. she looks kind & quiet.

    sa mga di pa nakakapanood, its not yet late... wala pa namang naa- out sa top 24.
  • i watched the show, it was very good and it was not boring at all
    i think this is more of a model and personality search than a loveteam search
    may ibubuga ang mga candidates and they are really fresh faces

    among the guys, the stand outs were alex, ung taga bulacan, oj and bernard, ung guy from pasay, i think bernard was the bandmate of king (the singer) before, and ang pinakagusto ko is kenji, ung ramp model..... yummy

    sa girls, i like tina and carine.........

    this show will be exciting, im gonna follow this one
  • ^^^ KENJI who's the partner of CARINE is good- looking naman, i think, he needs to fix his hair & he'll be more okei. =)
  • shuxxx!!! ngstart n pla 2 khapon!

    :bop: d ako nkpanood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :chainsaw:

    :up: ko lng for THE BEST LUVTEAM- HEART and GEOFF!!!
  • sugar_guy wrote:
    hay naku!! puro nalang love team search!! ang qpids nag hnd nag click eto pakaya!!!!!!!!!

    i think this is co-sponsored by unilever up para makahanap sila ng newest couple to endorse their close-up toothpaste...the constestants's showbiz careers remain uncertain but most likely many of them will be successfull in the future, whether it will be in showbusiness or not.
  • likeo ko sa guys as of now si Rodel from Caloocan ata and Kris (nalink b4 kay Aiai) sa girls si Anne and ung tga DLSU
  • meron ba kaung mga screencaps?? post it here please...
  • i missed dis show yesterday...

    any scaps??
  • frankly, although memorize ko name, location & age ng mga contestants, most of the girls were underrated & walang recall sa 1st exposure nila. few of them really stood out. oh well, give them a chance, start pa lang naman.

    i just hope the love team who gonna grab the title are deserving... sa colgate competition kasi "TRIP KITA", the winners werent deserving
    (although casual friend & classmate ko sa few minor subjects at ateneo ang nanalo named MARVIN SIA- who looked like VANESS WU of F4; the girl was THERESA). for me, deserving were GRETCHEN & JONATHAN. the girl kc lacked star appeal but she was quite talented. GRETCHEN was the sportscaster of UP in UAAP last season.
  • ako i like carine, alex, teena, rodel! un post naman kyo pictures!
  • go CARINE!!!!

    small, morena, with personality, versatile, with x- factor, with projection, hot

    go TEENA & BILLY too!!!!

    morena't moreno, both HOT!!!!

    gusto ko na rin si KENJI


    bagay si carine either billy or kenji
    bagay si teena either billy or kenji
  • honey4evrhoney4evr PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    tsk! bkit b nag-aaway kyong mga fans nla heart & anne?

    off-topic muna ko...

    ako, i like both anne & heart but i like heart more when she's w/ john pratts pa. w/ geoff kc,altho sumikat nmn e d ganoon k ckat compared 2 john-heart team-up,kita kc agad ang chemistry plus preho cla magaling umarte. c geoff,kung dp nanggaling s angkan ng magagaling umarte,d cguro yan mppansin. i was disappointed s hiram kc yung "margareth" lng dp mabigkas ng maayos. me pagkabulol nga,sad 2 admit. nkkadistract n emote n emote n face nya kso sbit pag nag-dialogue n.

    s 2too lng,kung tlgang npanood nyo hiram,dun tlga nag-shine c anne. she emerged 2 be d better actress than heart. heart s a good actress 2 but,sori, medyo na-outshine tlga cia ni anne s seryeng i2. mhirap kc role ni anne d2,challenging kumbaga. d nga msyadong npansin pagkabulol nya s tagalog kc pulido bitaw s dialogues. mski cla dina & kris pansin ang galing nia d2.

    wag n kc pagkumparahin ang 2 pra wlang away. friends nmn cla, kumbkit yung mga fans e kelangan mag-away. preho clang me mga knya-knyang strengths & weaknesses w/c means d cla preho perfect but compared s stars ng kabilang channel, d hamak tlga n mas magagaling cla coz of their nag-uumapaw n talent.

    balik s topic...
    ok nmn cla heart & geoff kya lng mukhang mas ok kung cla heart & john nlng kc cla nmn ang me commercial nun plus ckat prin yung team-up nla 2 mski wla ng exposure 2geder. iba kc dating pg clng 2 n on-cam,mas me chemistry. inamin n yan ni heart s the buzz 2 epis ago when they shown panday clips,#1 ang rating nia ke john p.
  • wala pakong natatandaan...
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