Is 45 too old for Medical School?

Im a sophomore here in a local college. I have this kababayan classmate, age 43, working on his bachelors and plans to apply for Med-school; Does plan to attend either here in the US or there in the Philippines, but leaning more towards there in the Phils., cause he plans to practice their anyway. Nag aalinlangan lang na ma out of place sya, sa dahilan na mga 25 years younger ang magiging classmate nya. So, whats your take on this? Thanks.


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Unfortunately, Philippine med schools have a cut-off age of 35 years old (at least, there was when I was studying not so long ago--I don't think they changed that policy, but I'm not 100% sure). Tell him to consider studying medicine in the US, where they don't have cut-offs, and then take the boards here in Manila. He might also want to start writing inquiry letters to the med schools in this country to ask about the age requirement.
  • SpankySpanky Member PExer
    Doc Ira's right. 35 is the cut-off age for all of the med schools that I have looked at or applied to. You also have to take into account the citizenship issue. There are different rules regarding applicants who are not Filipino citizens. Good Luck to your friend though. :)

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