My right hip snaps every morning

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A couple of years ago, i attempted a very difficult kick in my taekwondo class. I slipped and crashed on my right hip. Now, my right hip snaps every morning when I stretch. It doesn't hurt and the sensation is similar to cracking one's knuckles or cracking one's neck. Yet, I'm worried. Can this cause any arthritic problems when I'm older?


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    Your accident may cause what is termed secondary arthritis as a sequela to your hip injury, if you continue to "misuse" or "abuse" that part. Overuse of the hip joint may cause the hip's cartilage to be roughened and worn away, followed by spur formation and lipping, which are characteristic of arthritis.

    I don't think the cracking will make you develop arthritis, though. It may just be your ligaments needing a little stretch after a whole night's inactivity, as opposed to arthritis which occurs in the joints. Don't worry, cracking's not a sign of arthritis.

    It's not a 100% thing naman that you're going to develop arthritis on your hip--it just may. A good way to prevent this is to perform hip exercises to preserve joint motion. Walking would already be sufficient, actually. Just remember to stop if pain develops.

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