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What's the best Birthday Present can you give to your BF?

I'm actually planning to have a bday party for him(btw, his bday is gonna be on the last week of the month na) where all of his highschool, college, office friends and his barkada are invited but he would always tell me that he would rather spend his bday at home with his family and of course with me and have dinner and watch dvd's at home and all. He said 'I'm old enough to have a bday celebration and gastos lang yan'. But the thing is, I want to make it up to him because the last time I had my bday, he surprised me! :) One day, he told that I need to pack my things because we're going to spend overnight at a certain place I would certainly love. He brought me to all the way to Tagaytay and at that time, I really don't have any idea where we' headed...And so, we finally reached to this place called Nurture Spa which I hardly knew coz I'm not really familiar with the places in tagaytay except for Picnic Grove, Palace in the Sky, haha! :lol: The moment we came in, the people there were very accommadating, pleasant and warm. We had our escort pa and went straight to our room, we placed our things and settled down and then after awhile, he said let's go out and look around the place and to my surprise there's a table fulll of rose petals and candles in the middle of the garden and of course a candlelit dinner prepared for the two of us. I was so touched that I almost cried. No one has ever made me feel so special like this before...that's why I also want to make his bday special in a way. I actually bought him a new Oakley prescription eyeglasses for men which he likes most because he doesn't have one right now, he doesn't want to use his old eyeglasses na...it's almost 3 years na kc eh..hehehe! :) but I dunno know how to give it to him yet :) I want it in a different way nmn or think of something different nmn...I need your help guys! PLEASE!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated...

Thanks!!!! :)


  • try to be simple...
    why don't you baked a his birthday cake for him....
    e syempre magdidinner kayo, kaw nalang mgaluto ng dinner nyo!
  • Thanks Auxes but i'm not really good at it. Cge, i'll just try to make it as simple as it is...Thanks again! ?
  • *bump* *up*
  • digicam.....
  • 24242424 PExer
    depende sa intres niya. kung type niya basketball give him a jersey of his favorite player. pag childish at mahilig manood ng mga cartoons, give him an action figure of that cartoon. If he like movies, give him a dvd of his favorite movie. If he is a pervert give him a playboy magazine or an adult toy or bring him to an adult bar then leave him there. If he is a gay give him a kikay kit. If he is an intellectual give him a book. If he is simple guy give him a card. If he is a music lover give him an audio cd. If he is a playboy give him a break-up. If he is a food lover treat him to a restaurant. If he plays magic cards, buy an expensive card for him. If he has hairy chest buy shampoo for his chest. and moreover its the tought that counts..basta naapreciate niya. :lol:
  • Hi kikay girl, thanks a lot but I gave him a semi pro digicam last year on our 1st anniversary na. Thanks for your time though...appreciate it! ?
  • Hi 2424, wow that's a lot!!! it was funny though...? thanks for all your suggestions... At least I have an idea now...It is much appreciated!!! ?
  • 24242424 PExer
    welcome, guy din kasi ako kaya alam ko ang type nila :lol:
  • mng_0909, napakaromantic pala ng guy mo. hehehe. :) :bashful:

    first question ko... is the bday celebration should be wholesome? :P

    if hindi naman... then try to fulfill his sexual fantasy!!! :naughty:

    suggestion if you dont know any of his fantasy: let your present be you! try covering your private parts with a cake or icing ONLY. and let him lick it... that will surely make him enjoy his bday and his present... *okay*
  • PingGarciaPingGarcia PEx Rookie ⭐
    kikay_gurl wrote:

    Maybe kikay_gurl means that you use a digicam while you do the suggestion of ryaki?

  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ipod Standard, Mini or Shuffle (depends on your budget)
    Couple's Spa Certificate
  • I really appreciate it whenever my girl gives me a Buko Juice. This is the best present she gives me whenever we go out. :)
  • PingGarcia wrote:
    Maybe kikay_gurl means that you use a digicam while you do the suggestion of ryaki?


    :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
  • A card with the text "Free Hour-Long Oil Massage" :D
  • Hi...

    Thanks so much for all your suggestions guys...?
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    give him a bath :glee:

    ok, serious now. as for me, i'm a simple guy and simply spending time with my girl is enough for me to make my day. maybe you can just spend quality time with your guy. it need not be expensive, eh? ;)
  • Sex and a sandwich. :D
  • dredre PExer
    Phooey wrote:
    Sex and a sandwich. :D

    george is that you? :rotflmao:

    how about a home-cooked meal and a scrapbook? :) after dinner, you both can look through the scrapbook. it would be fun remembering the special moments you shared.
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