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my sister's going through puberty...

and it's driving me nuts!!!

My parents are working abroad so kami lang magkakapatid (3 girls and I'm the 2nd) sa bahay. my younger sister's in college right now and has a bf for a year. dati, when they go out nagpapaalam siya sa mom ko. I never bothered with the way my mom reared her but to me, parang lenient siya baka kasi bunso.

Last night, nagpaalam siya sa ate ko but since my ate's sick ndi niya narinig lahat ng details. So when ndi pa siya umuwi, my ate was worried and told me to look for her. Her cellphone was off and we didn't know her bf's number. We also don't know who her friends are. Buti nlng nakausap ko high school friend niya who had her bf's number. Miscommunication lang pala yung kagabi but the thing is she got so mad about it.

Sa part ko nmn, if she wants to be treated like an adult, act like one db? Since she went to college, she gets mad at us if we ask about her friends or her bf. Parang bawal banggitin sila. I really don't get that. Tapos, she'd say that she's 19 and an adult so dapat hayaan na siya.

I just don't get her. In fact, my best friend has the same situation. Same age sisters namin and ganun din daw ugali. Which makes me think? Ganun na ba tlga kabataan ngyn?


  • orangepinkorangepink PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    When I was in college, I made sure my parents and my ate knew who my friends are para nmn pag may nangyari sa akin, lam nila kanino tatawag. I would just casually mention their names and that's it. My parents never demanded that I list them down. In fact, ako na nga mismo nag volunteer so they wouldn't worry. And it paid off. Cuz of that, I could go out on gimiks till the wee hours of dawn.

    Ewan ko ba kung slow lang tlga yang kapatid ko. If she'd tell us their names or at least, talk a bit about them, then we wouldn't worry so much. Bakit ndi nya naisip yun? And why does she get so defensive about her bf? What's up with that?

    I'm just confused. Ganito na ba tlga mga teenager ngyn??
  • She's already 19 and in college...old enough to move out of the house. I bet that if she could afford to live on her own, she would. That way, she would only tell whoever she wants about her life. It looks like she wants some independence and doesn't really want to have a deep relationship with her family. And there's nothing wrong with people not being family-oriented.

    However, since she lives with you and your sister, I agree that she should at least leave a phone number of a friend who can be contacted in case of emergencies. Otherwise, ask her to move out :-)
  • yup, it wuld just be responsible for her to leave contact info with you guys. otherwise you have the license to butt into her affairs if she keeps you worried.

    your family appears very permissive. this is always good, gives children room to grow -- but some kids abuse this. obviously she's not ready to lead her own life if she can't respect simple household rules. be level-headed and reasonably strict with her. she probably needs someone to be.
  • sguro ganun lang talaga mga bunso... ewan. :glee:
  • nakakahiya kasi yung tipong tatawagan mo pa yung friends nya just to contact her and stuffs.
    Sa part ko nmn, if she wants to be treated like an adult, act like one db?
    well i guess u should treat her as an adult too. she's not a baby anymore. i know of course you'll worry and stuff but medyo irritating din kasi eh.
  • thehitmanthehitman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Part of being an adult is being responsible and accountable. Let her know that. As long as she goes home to your house, she should be responsible enough to let you know her whereabouts. And that, is part of being an adult.

  • damnright - aray. i'm 19 rin.. and i'm not very happy to say na while sa bahay lang rin naman ako at walang mga kaibigan/barkada o ano pa, di ko gustong magsalita/sabihin sa mga kapatid ko or mga parents ko kung sino ang gusto ko, ano ang talagang gusto kong gawin, etc etc. parang.. wala rin naman kasing difference... pero sa aamin, parang di naman talaga sinasabi ng mga kapatid ko sa parents ko kung sino ang mga friends nila etc.. kasi .. well, wara rin naman kasi silang mga kaibigan masyado. Ever since bata kami, dito lang kami halos sa bahay. 19 na ako, once palang akong nag commute ng mag isa, napagalitan pa ako. minsan nakakainis.. pero kailangan alalahanin ko nga na ok, para sa sarili kong safety nga naman.. :/
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