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what to do when hubby still flirts in mails??

kindly share ur insights/experiences/opinion about having caught your gf/bf sending flirty e-mail messages.. *okay*


  • simple lng yan.. :bop: him!
  • emails can be sent anywhere, anytime. It just so happen that you caught your hubby...nothing will stop him/her from doing that if he/she really wants to or it's their nature.... as long as he/she doesn't cross the line, it should be no big deal...
  • knowin men, nku nature n nla yan. my kuya, married and with 2 kids, i caught him emailing his ex. fcurs todo pinagsabihan ko. he said, d girl is part of his lyf na, he finds nothing wrong with it cuz email lng nman un, lam dw nya gawa nya & it cant take his dedication & love away from his family. he just wanna know kun kumusta n un ex nya. anyway, that girl was kind to me, in fairness...
  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell - probably not a good idea to check your g/f's email in the first place (privacy and trust are two pretty nice things to have in a relationship) - but, because you already know that he/she already is flirty, i'd say DUMP HIM... if you are enough for him (which you should be) he should not even want to flirt... where would it get him anyway (except dumped) :grrr:
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