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Best Hospital

Wanted to know what your thoughts and perceptions are regarding the best hospital in the country. If you don't mind my asking, let us know also what you like/admire about the place you picked.


  • makati med. because they got complete facilities.. but they say that it's not that clean... St. Luke's hosp. complete facilites. they both have the country's best doctors i think

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  • Cy...
    Nabuhay ka!!! Tagal mong nawala, ha.

    batang uliran...
    So far, I've been to one hospital pa lang here in Manila and that's Makati Med. I think its okay, but people say that St. Luke's is also good. Honestly, those two hospitals are the only ones that I know in manila.
  • Makati Medical is the best, well maybe because I used to live in Makati (biased!)
    Seriously, the hospital has the best specialists and the most advanced equipment, well, that is if money is no object.
  • Mental, siyempre. Been there, done that.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Bumping to the top and moving foums.
  • makati med and st luke's...
    cardinal santos, pwede na ren..kaso the buildings are quite old na e..havent been there lately though..
  • Makati Med! It has the best specialists, doctors, and nurses. Facilities are great. And it's so clean pa. Everyone there seems to be so friendly and accommodating.
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    st luke's..other than having the better (kasi debatable kung best eh)doctors... ganda ng facilities..grabe..every floor may computers para icheck mo yung balance mo...hehehe..tapos linis... and then sa suites nila may internet pa! ay let's not forget yung valet parking nila! ---o di va sosi?

  • of course st. lukes is tops- sa sobrang mahal ng hospital na yan dapat lang the best siya! doon pati hininga mo may bayad.
  • para sa akin makati med.. hmm.. san na kaya yun nurse kong maganda.. hmmm.. :P
  • Kung gusto lang ninyong hangaan ang gusali at ang mga doktor at nurses, ay doon na kayo sa mas bago.

    But if you are concerned about your medical problem, ask about the hospitals records on infection, surgical complications, mortality rate, credentialing of their doctors, and other services available like MRI or CT scan.

    At hindi lahat ng state-side doktors ay mahusay. Baka nag-turista lang yon ng isang taon, o di walang natutunan. Baka mas magaling pa ang ibang doktor natin sa 'Pinas.
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