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Pisay High School Students...SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!!!!

I notice that almost all of the discussions here are initiated and responded by college students. I also noticed that most of the members here are either from ateneo, la salle, ust, or up.

Are there any high school students there like me? Are there any Pisay students there like me?

Hey pisay people!!! Its about time that we make a mark in these discussions, So...SPEAK UP!!!!!!! :)


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    anong pisay?
  • pisay = Philippine Science High School

    ice 16- there are a lot of pisay ppl lurking around. they would rather be anonymous :D
  • No doubt Pisay HS students are bright but I think they are handicapped by their seeming lack of exposure in sports, religious instruction(being a non-religious HS), social activities and the like which a WELL-ROUNDED student should also be well-versed in.

    Their seeming lack of presence or timidity in this Forum may be an indication that in school it shouldn't be all academics.
  • although i'm not from PSHC... i resent the that remark ---- HANDICAPPED. you make PSHC grads sound like they can't learn anything if they don't have these attributes.

    and anyway... who said that in order to be "well-rounded" one needs to be well-versed in sports and has to be formally educated in religion? even if they aren't, that doesn't make them "handicapped".

    i have to include a remark though from Kahlil Gibran on religion...

    this comes from his book entitled "The Prophet" (really cool book!!!)

    "...Is not religion all deeds and all reflection,

    "And that which is neither deed nor reflection, but a wonder and a surprise ever springing in the soul, even while the hands hew the stone or tend the loom?

    "Who can separate his faith from his actions, or his belief from his occupations?

    "Who can spread his hours before him, sayiong, 'This is for God and this is for myself; This is for my soul and this other for my body'?"

    'nuff said...
  • I'm Pisay-MC Batch '96! :)

    goonie: Thanks! That basically sums it all up. Besides, Pisay people do know how to play sports, immerse themselves in social activities, or have a religion for that matter.

    This common misconception is something I'd like to change though. They make it seem as if we're some unfeeling non-life form or something. We're people too, you see. :)
  • I also RESENT the insinuation that Pisay students are handicapped(!) by their 'lack of exposure in sports, religious instruction, social activities...'! What myopic, bigoted statements! And what, may I ask, are these statements based on?

    I've read this over and over again---that the absence of Religion in the curriculum results in sub-standard education and ultimately less well-rounded human beings. First of all, I personally do not believe that schools should be the principal source of religious instruction. I think the HOME should be the place where the foundations of faith are first formed and where it should be nourished. The church should be the next important source for religious instruction. That's what Sunday services, and all church activities in between, are for.

    Lack of sports activities in Pisay? We may act and look like geeks and play sports like geeks but we had fun playing soccer in the mud and playing volleyball at high noon.

    I realize that brainless post did not deserve a second look but a good school's name was mocked and had to be defended.

  • Im not from Pisay but i know some people there. I'd just like to ask how life is there? I mean is it todo competitive or something? How different is it from other schools? I have this friend kasi who went to Pisay and in the middle of the year, she wanted to go back na to our school! And I met some people from Pisay and it seems to me that they're overly serious about school, super competitive! Like their whole lives revolve around school it's the end of the world na if they fail something, I find it unhealthy. I have nothing against you guys and i don't wanna make judgements naman, that's why i wanna hear what you have to say about it.
  • well..i think it really depends on the Pisay alum/student...A lot of the pisay ppl i know, especially those who i am close with would look like any alum from say ateneo or miriam or poveda hs.. I know that a lot of pisay ppl are very serious with school..but that doesn't mean that EVERY pisay person is like that. That was one of the handicaps pisay ppl encounter when they venture into college. People immediately label you as a nerd or a geek, which is not the case all of the time. So in order to just avoid being stereotyped, most would just say "i just came from a public high school" which is what philippine science high school is. And Pisay High School life is a lot different from what a "normal" high school life would be. Especially if one came from an exclusive grade school, going into pisay could be disappointing in terms of social life and the like. There are times that you could be so inggit with what your other friends are doing in your old school while you finish your lab report or research paper. But as you graduate from pisay, you do have this bitter taste for a while(well, once again...not everyone but with most ppl i know)..in the long run, the discipline taught you a lot...well, not that all pisay grads are successful in college and beyond..i know of a few who just quit school...but the motivation and sacrifice does make you realize that somehow it was the right "choice"(well you cannot blame the "push" your parents gave you) to go to pisay.

    happygolucky, i think that you just met that kind of pisay crowd..but dont be mistaken that everybody's like that. A lot of them are well versed, well balanced and outgoing individuals who love to party as much as any typical teenager/person in manila :)
  • m from pisay - PSHS-Dil '97

    my stay in pisay was fun. yeah it was filled with work but it prepared me for college. meaning i know how to cope with stress. and oh most specially i learned how to CRAM!!! big time!

    we actually had a lot of sports activities. like one of the posters said, we played soccer in a muddy field (ahh ang saya nun specially if u have a class the next hour) and we play volleyball almost all the time (ppl made the volleyball court as their tambayan, di ba Opal '97?) a lot of the pisay ppl are good in table tennis. and lastly, we also have intersection basketball tournaments (each section has their own jersey) so i guess nuff said about sports

    a lot of my college friends envy me coz i went to 5 school parties during my senior year (yes that's right senior year lang yun, mas marami pa yung other years) sila daw kasi one school party per year.

    what i miss most about high school was that i was able to watch movies every weekend. We're always up to date sa lahat ng movies. ngayong college no time for that eh.

    hmm yan na muna sasabihin ko
    i have to look at my high school yearbook pa and reminisce. :)
  • hello ppl!
    im a graduating pisay stude and i do think that im not handicapped. :)

    being in pisay is fun despite the hardships that you encounter in academics. A lot of ppl may see us as geeks and nerds but like the most ppl remarked... we're not. We have fun too but then i can say that sometimes our idea of fun is bordering on the extremes... weird. :D

    in pisay, you could develop a closeness in your batch that could last a lifetime. I'm speaking for the MC anyway.

    i dunno what else to say... i guess it depends on what kind of pisay students you know to be able to get the impression that you have. I guess you have to be one to fully understand the pisay ppl. :)

    Right, ice_16?
  • Handicapped my *****!!! What really irks me is the way some people think so high and mighty about themselves... If you hate timidity so much, then listen up. A balance you say? Tell me, who sets the standards for balance?

    Do you think that just because YOU have religious instruction, and we dont, it makes you a better christian? How many "Christian" schools out there don't have unwanted pregnancies, lesbians, gays or whatever abhorrations the catholic church so much frowns upon? If you think that lack of religious instruction is an imbalance, think again. In Pisay, there is no "forced religion", but rather freedom to practice your own beliefs. What i think is imbalanced is the humiliation i had to stand my whole elementary life just because i was Protestant amidst a school of catholics.

    You say pisay people have a lack of exposure to sports? You are sorely mistaken, my ignorant friend... Pisay has very competent sports facilities: an olympic sized swimming pool, a fibreglass basketball court, a very nice soccer field and other multi-purpose courts. How any schools can boast that? The founders of Pisay envisioned the best and the brightest minds in the country not just a school for development of their intellect, but rather their body as well.

    ...and about community service and other social activities, it totally depends on the student. Pisay has lots of possible avenues for the social being: mountaineering, movies, the like. Right now, pisay is even sponsoring a special showing of Miss Saigon. You call that unbalanced?

    What might seem as geeky on our part is the fact that you dont see us in the Friday/Saturday night spots usually frequented by what you might call "typical" high school students. Think about this: We are the "iskolars ng bayan". Your parents pay taxes to put us to school, and they expect us to excel in our stay. We have an image, as well as a reputation to protect. And it's a helluva responsibility. That's the reason you dont see us making drunken fools of ourselves out in the public. That's the reason its so easy to fall into the trap of not doing anything rather than doing anything stupid. That is what makes the stereotype.

  • Amen to that i_m_adrian!
  • i_m_adrian-ka batch kita noh? abrogena?
  • Pisay's jus like any other school. cept that we dont have to pay anythin (we even get paid for all our trouble). it has its own share of jocks and nerds and everythin in between. there are the popular people and the outcasts. there is mister and miss perfect and there's who the hell is he. It's just your normal high school if you dont consider the students' average IQ, which is certainly not average.
  • well said people...Pisay students are definitely not handicapped. Pisay Min'00
  • Trinity: Yup, u didnt hav 2 broadcast it though. Who u?

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  • i_m_adrian -hehee sorry!
    i just read ur email on egroups. too bad i didn't go to the homecoming last saturday since i'm studying up here in New York.
    well, i don't think u remember me, i saw you at CPK glorietta a couple of months ago and you were totally deadma :D hint hint, class president of graviton ;) a couple of our batchmates also post..B|uejay and piggy and some do read the threads but are too tamad to post.
  • Originally posted by alcuazas:
    No doubt Pisay HS students are bright but I think they are handicapped by their seeming lack of exposure in sports, religious instruction(being a non-religious HS), social activities and the like which a WELL-ROUNDED student should also be well-versed in.

    Their seeming lack of presence or timidity in this Forum may be an indication that in school it shouldn't be all academics.

    ows lack in sports, religious instructions... social activities... funny nde ko naman naramdaman yung ganun sa pisay...


  • Abrogena in the hooouuussseee! :D
  • Originally posted by alcuazas:
    No doubt Pisay HS students are bright but I think they are handicapped by their seeming lack of exposure in sports, religious instruction(being a non-religious HS), social activities and the like which a WELL-ROUNDED student should also be well-versed in.

    Their seeming lack of presence or timidity in this Forum may be an indication that in school it shouldn't be all academics.

    Timid? funny, I wonder what Ms. Zafra would say to that.
    By training and education we were honed to be analytic and scientific in our thinking. We break up parts and see them in their elements then synthesize to come up with a generalization that would pass for what would be a relative truth. We do not hazard a guess on ,like, the color of a child's skin by asking the mother what she had for "lihi" nor give a mathematical answer without the laborious 4 four-page solution.

    By force of habit most of us would extend this cautious approach to other endeavors we delve into. We could be stubborn and emphatic on subjects which prick our interest but more so because we are confident that we can back up our arguments with hard facts(e.g. "best high school thread").

    I have nothing against people who open threads which are not of my liking, if it makes them feel better about themselves fine. But i do take exception when wholistic individuals label pisay people as "handicapped" when they stay away from threads which are tacky at best.
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