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4th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention


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  • Interesting.

    It's supposed to happen June 26 at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall. I'll see if I can come---am a Gundam plastic model collector myself.
  • The Joys of Collecting Toys

    For those of you who buy toys and just simply enjoy it by taking it out of the package and playing with it, well and good. But some people buy toys, keep it in the package in mint condition and either display it or store it away as a future memorabilia.

    Welcome to the world of toy collecting! This is fast becoming a very popular hobby among kids and adults alike especially those who value their toys in pristine condition sealed inside the packaging.

    Almost anything can be considered �collectible�, but don�t go storing those plastic toy soldiers and yo-yo�s just yet. Collecting toys is as much a �market-driven� phenomena as it is a hobby. That means the demand for a certain toy, more often toys that have multiple variations, is dictated by its quality and wide popular appeal. Toys that fall into this category include action figures, dolls, die-cast cars, sports memorabilia, playing cards, faux armaments and weapons and a variety of other items.

    A lot of value is also accorded to vintage items from the 70�s and 80�s since that was the boom of licensed toys from popular cartoons and movies like Star Wars, He-Man, Transformers, Super Friends and the like.

    With the growing popularity of the toy-collecting hobby, a group called Collectibles Unlimited Association, Inc. has organized a series of events that brings together this assembly of toy aficionados. This month, Collectibles Unlimited presents the 4th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2005.

    This convention brings together all the top collectible licensees, exhibitors and collectors under one roof for a single day of treasure-hunting from among 100 vendors of toys, comic books, cards, games, vintage memorabilia, manga, anime and a whole lot more!

    This event now encompasses not just the collectors market but the hobby and game market as well, including fantasy role-playing games, combat gaming, on-line gaming, scale modeling, graphic art illustration and other fun activities. The event will also include fun activities for kids like die-cast car racing, a book fair, art contests, costume play, coloring games, body art and figure building contests.

    The 4th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2005 will be held at the SM Megatrade Hall 3 on Sunday, June 26, 2005 from 10 AM to 9 PM.

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  • Tignan natin kung makakapunta ako diyan
  • Interesting.

    It's supposed to happen June 26 at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall. I'll see if I can come---am a Gundam plastic model collector myself.
    Hey Shunichi,
    Nakalagay sa website nila na walang scale model competition this year. Gusto mo isali mo sya sa diorama contest, or sa bankee model kit competition 1 week later.
  • Punta kayo ditu guys!

    The past 2 Toy Cons were great so i guess this one would be better. ":)_

    Also MechaPinoy will have a booth there courtesy of BAN KEE Trading. There will be a Gundam Caravan there too! ":)_

    bring lots of cash. ":)_

  • Congrats to the organizers!

    Galing. IMHO it was a great event kahit it burned a big hole in my wallet. ":(_ Pero masaya naman ako sa mga nabili ko.

    Too bad wala gaano mga model kits. Sana sa susunod mas madami mag benta model kits and mas mura. ehehehe.... ":)_

    Congrats to all the winners in all the contest din!
  • hmmmm... mechapinoy.com member na yata ako doon eh...kaso di ako masyado nakakabili ng gundam.. kasi la pera... pero meron akong mga tamia colors pang pinta kaso ulit di ko na nagagamit....

    sino ba dito magaling sa modeling? paturo naman ako...

    kaso ala akong air brush ah. puro manual brush lng gamit ko..

    just wan ot know the techniques on ow to use them properly... meron din akong apache dati na inasemble kaso nasira lng.. tapos ung gundam ko di na natuloy sayang mura pa naman ung mga nabibili ko dati... sa mall.

    nweiz pasyal na lng ako sa mechapinoy.com dun na lng ako magpapaturo..


    ngapala 2nd placer lng ako..kaso lang trophy fo the 2nd place..champion lng. hay... =^_^=

    nextime... toycon ulit mga toy collectors... collector din ako kaso ang pinakamakumpleto ko lng is marvel series VI, kaso mukahng di pa rin masasabing kumpleto kasi ala akong jade phoenix.... sino meron benta nyo na lng sa akin ng 300pesos.. hehehe

  • *2nd place sa tournament ng soulcalibur2 by gameophilia.com
  • i missed this event! kailan ang kasunod? nxt year na?
  • siguro? sana meron ulit... daming toys dun... sayang la pera...tsaka mahal eh..ung yamato toys na batman (wave1)..sa market 1,100+ lng pag tingin ko dun...overprice na 3500k/box..

    NO ****ING WAY..na bibilin ko un.... tsaka meron na ako nun eh.. hehehe..
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