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What do you think of ICAns and Xaverians?

Just curious...


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Love 'em. :D

    Don't mind me, I'm just biased for those schools. :)
  • Ira, me too... :D
  • They're tailor-made for each other.

    As they say, Xaverians and ICAns go together.
  • mga singkit!

    peacelove and godspeed!
  • excuse me...i sniff some form of racism here.
  • I think Xavier guys are the yummiest I've ever known. Hey, dont get me wrong.=) My opinion is based on how they look and dress. Really mouth-watering!! hahahaha
  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    zimdude is Xavier '91 !

    Ending up with an ICAn?
    Well long ago in high school... it didn't happen.

  • buttons: what high school did u grad from? just curious.
  • im batch 99 xs!
    m one of those xavierians who most likely would not end up with an ican.. but they make good friends anyway :)
  • Pao: Do you know Oliver Chong? Oh my God, he's so sexy and cute.=) Just look at that body of his and that's something that I would really die for...=) I also heard that Andrew Ng (XS `99) is cute? Is he?
  • lek-lek: from where are u ba? :) hmmm yeah a lot of girls like oliver and andrew.
  • leelayce: i'm ica '95.
    what do i think of xaverians myself?? well, they seem to be more confident, more maporma, more articulate, and bolero than others who graduated from chinese schools. of course this is just my opinion. as to ending up with a xaverian...actually, that would be great! you have a lot in common, aside from having mary the queen parish right in between your schools.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Do they still hate each other there? When I was still studying in ICA, my classmates and I hated the Xaverians with a passion. We opted not to have the freshman acquaintance party na lang since the Parent Council insisted that XS lang ang pwedeng partner. And the few classmates who had XS boys as boyfriends were all made fun of. :) Funny, pagdating ng college, most of my classmates ended up with Xaverians.
  • loooove xavier boys... lol.gif biased ba? :D

    seriously, i think they're more polite and generally treat girls a lot better than boys from other schools. and it shows with the company i keep. most of my best friends are boys. and only one came from ateneo/zobel (hybrid sha). the rest are xavierians. they may be a little too old fashioed sometimes, but they do know how to take care of women. :D
  • magaling daw sa math.
  • hey!!!! what do you think naman of ICAns??? kayo ha, puro xaverians!!! hmph!!! =)
  • I think ICAns are great girls. I have a lot of friends from that school. Alessandra Ty is my friend, and she's so nice, prim and proper and of course, she has the brains to compete academically. Pero, I also know an ICAn na sobrang may topak yata ang ulo. Kasi I had a blockmate na Xavierian nung freshman year. Well, now that we're Juniors, she got a Sophomore gf na ICAn. Well, siyempre, former blockmates kami, so we're so bonded. Kaso, nagselos yata yung babae, naku, she called one of our friends to tell her na layuan daw namin ang bf niya. Gosh, I think she's out of her mind kung iisipin niya na we're going to take her bf away from her. Ay naku, sira ulo talaga. But generally, they're okay.=)
  • shempre sikat!!!! hehehehe shempre batch '99 ako !!! sino ka paopaopao?
  • Most of the Ican's ive seen in la Salle are really chicks! sorry for the word! Theyre really pretty and sexy. Cute pa the way they talk!!! Xavier dudes suck!!!! hahaha! sory drew!!
  • hoy buttons, ang masasabi ko lang sa mga xavierans e... ang cute ng iba! take note, yung iba lang silly.gif

    alam ko namang dream husband mo e someone from xavier who studied either in la salle or ateneo during college. haha! binuking ba kita? bop.gif

    same sa ican's, cute naman yung iba and very nice (like you, o say?!). pero again, yung iba lang. i don't want to generalize kasi like in any other school or academic institution, different people, different backgrounds, different personalities. :)

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