Pwede ba magdemanda ng hospital dito sa Pilipinas?

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my mom went to this prominent hospital sa Q.C. for a check up kasi 1 week na sya nilalagnat na taas baba. the said hospital diagnosed it as UTI/pneumonia, binigyan sha ng antibiotics sabi inumin lang daw then ok na. things didn't get better though, the week after may fever parin mom ko so we brought her to another hospital then dun lang nalaman na typhoid pala ung sakit and acute na ito. we almost lost her and ended up paying a hospital bill equal to the price of almost 2 kia picantos.

anyway, what should be done in cases like these? may sagutin ba hospital dito?

pls helf


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    sue the hospital. consult a laywer for a possible medical malpractice suit.
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    hospital ba dapat o yung MD and idedemanda? most likely yung MD, and most likely din dumidistansya ang hospital sa mga ganyang kaso.
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    yes. the physician is responsible for that.
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    Medicine isnt an exact science, so its understandable that mistakes of this nature will be made. Diseases like Typhoid, Dengue or Lepto among others can present with something as nonspecific as fever or weakness and not have anything show in the blood work ups or other laboratory exams (and even in physical exam). Oftentimes you will be to diagnose the patient when the patient is improving already and most of the treatment just being supportive.

    That said, Im not trying to absolve the physician or hospital of any culpability in this case, but as I said, mistakes can and will occur. I dont know enough about the case specifics to make comment. And even if I did, your mothers doctor is still the one who saw the patient so at the time he would be in the best position to comment on his diagnostic and therapeutic plan at the time. So that said, I was wondering, what went wrong? Usually when these sorts of things happen its more due a breakdown in communication than anything else. Admittedly doctors do need to hone their skills with regards to talking with the patient and the patients family. Doctors will fudge on admitting that they dont know whats wrong with the patient yet since the symptoms are so vague since they feel this will be interpreted as a sign of incompetence. But like I said, we just try to go about our jobs the best way that we can, and no measure of skill or knowledge gained will ever truly be enough.

    First of all, im glad to hear that your mom is in fact doing better. Typhoid before the advent of modern antibiotics was a major killer.
    If you really wish to pursue legal action against the doctor, I suggest you try to determine whether or not the doctor was indeed acting incomptetently. Usually the particulars in Internal medicine litigation cases are less clear cut than in surgical ones. (obvious pag may naiwan na scissors sa tiyan diba). So you'll probably have to ask more doctors opinions on this. Just be ready for some hesitation on their part to judge their peers, especially in the examination and treatment of a patient when they werent actually there. Also ask yourself, why do I feel this way about the doctor? Was there in fact a particular point where I questioned his decisions? Or was it more in the manner and attitude he dealt with my mother and my family?

    Good luck in whatever decision arrive at, and hopefully you and your family will find the peace of mind youve been looking for.
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    ...if it's a government hopital, then walang mangyayari.
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    thanks for the comments guys. un nga rin iniisip namin e, nasa code of ethics ba ng mga doctors not to testify against another doctor? intern nga yata yung nag-diagnose e, im not sure what that person is.
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    i think the medical malpractice bill have not yet been passed...
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    ^^ oo nga daw..
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    As mentioned, medical diagnosis is not an exact science although conclusions and diagnoses are arrived at by using the best equipment,procedures and scientific reasoning at hand. And even in such scenarios, misdiagnoses can occur. As long as patients believe and are confident that their physicians acted in good faith and with full competence, then they may let such errors pass.

    Nowadays, you can sue for anything. It all depends if you have solid grounds to sue. I'm not a lawyer but this much I know about medical malpractice. Injury or harm, ALWAYS, should have resulted on the plaintiff for the physician/health provider to be criminally liable. Your lawyer's job is to determine and prove that. Good for you if you win, but be prepared for a counter-suit if you loose it.

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