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there is this particular interview that is very important to me and my problem is how i can control my self. i have this disorder that makes me tremble and uncontrolled nervousness that affects my speaking and thinking when im going through that moment. its really bad and i need to know what i can possibly do to feel relaxed, i have tried everything and im ok with a lil result it brings for things that isnt such a big deal for me but this time around, this particular interview, i just had to do good.

should I see a psychiatrist and have him/her prescribe me a medicine that should work for couple of hours? is there such medicine that can pacify me? thanks


  • daveMachewsdaveMachews -Player1- PExer
    its all in your mind....

    When I had my first interview, my body and voice trembled. The gay interviewer was shocked and asked me.. Mr. Dave, why are you shaking?! I am not gonna kill you.". Then I walked out of the room so frustrated.

    What I did on my following interviews was to lean at the back of the chair and conform with it. I push my back against the chair if I feel I was going to rattle and tremble. My safe way from making an obvious nervous gestures.
  • xxtoyxxxxtoyxx o.0 PExer
    What I try to think about is that they are interviewing me not because I need a job, but they need me to be a part of their firm. be confident. Develop self-confidence. You can start by going out with friends/colleagues. Try to open up para wala ka masyado jitters when you are facing other people. Relax ka lang. :)
  • sspideysspidey PExer
    Its not in my mind, I know, I am always confident and knowledgeable but for some reason I always feel that. I read on some sites there is a mind disorder for something like this and read a psychiatrist can actually prescribe this.

    Any doctors in here?
  • banshe1981banshe1981 Member PExer
    ^ anxiety disorder.... or panic attack...this is when u usually hyperventilate, rattle, shake or would lose speech whenever you are in a situation that you feel you're threatened or a something bad will about to happen...
    madalas ko ng naramdaman yan...lalo na kapag nag-rereport ako sa harap ng maraming tao... madalas pa nga na-memental block ako lalo na pag inisip mong magkakamali ka or your audience are all looking at what you will about to say...
    i did not seek psychiatric help, though...feeling ko naman di pa ganun kalala yung symptoms...pero kung malala na talaga, eh dapat magpakonsulta na...may meds namang binibigay para sa panic attack... pampakalma...
    to me, effective ang relaxation techniques (deep breathing exercises).... bago mag-report... or blow-up techniques, yung inaassume mo na kaagad ang masasamang mangyayari in the future, para at least when you succeed di good, but when u fail ok lng kasi expected mo na...
  • zetiazetia Member PExer
    Yes an anxiety attack. Patient with this kind of condition is treated with psychotherapy and medication. If u think this interferes with your activities of daily living you need to consult your psychiatrist. They will prescribe you anti-anxiety medication. In psychotherapy, series of examination, self-assessment, and certain activities will be given.

    My suggestion is, first, you need to relax your mind before the interview. Release all the energies that may cause anxiety. You can jump, run, shake your limbs or even shout to relieve nervousness/tension. Deep breathing may help in relaxation phase and PLEASE avoid caffeine, this won’t help you. it will just stimulate your body. And most importantly PRAY. Believe not only in yourself but in Lord’s grace also. He will give you what you desire if you put your trust in him.
  • seahavenseahaven Member PExer
    can anybody here mention a doc where i can go to...
  • Have u ever undergone blood tests to check ur thyroxine levels? U might be suffering from hyperthyroidism-means too much thyroxine hormones sa blood mo causing hand tremors and anxiety.
  • heymikeyheymikey SCAN THIS... PExer
    sspidey wrote:
    should I see a psychiatrist and have him/her prescribe me a medicine that should work for couple of hours? is there such medicine that can pacify me?
    Yes, it's called Xanax (Alprazolam) which is an anti-anxiety medication.
  • zacharaiolsenzacharaiolsen keyboardist shooting guard PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i experienced this during my teen times whenever i join singing competitions, hehe .. apektado ang boses, nanginginig .. i overcame it by chewing a gum before i sing, or relaxing a day or hours before the contest.. watch a movie, play, etc.

    practice sympre, para confident. ganun rin sa reports & intrviews, anticipate what the possible questions would be para maihanda ang mga sagot . plan everything, and of course, pray ..

    tapos bawas bawasan ang kape ! hehehe

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