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Has Anyone Been to Finland???

Has anyone been to Finland?? We will be going there next year, first stop will be helsinki, then we will take a plane to Oulu. from there we will take the train to the other scandinavian countries. How is it there?? Prices of Food, etc??


  • Never been there but if techtours are your cup of tea you should visit the Nokia Headquarters.

  • been there last summer. . .hmm, it's a nice place, clean, quiet, well kind of expensive. anyhow, kind of boring din kasi naman my uncle would take us to countless of museums. Nag enjoy lang kami sa Itakeskus, which I think is the largest shopping centre in Nordic region. Go and see SeaLife and the Korkeasaaki Zoo, The Temppeliaukio(?) Church is interesting, it's a church made of natural bedrock tapos nung andun kami may nagpi-piano na ang ganda-ganda ng pini-play nya, wala syang pakialaam kahit yung mga Japanese tourists nakatunganga sa kanya.

    Cge, enjoy kayo!!
  • Helsinski is a very drab looking place but great museums, that is if you like architecture and culture.
  • Say Hi to Kimi Raikkonen for me when you get there. :)
  • I spent a few days in finland a couple of years ago....as someone mentioned in this thread, it's a drab looking place. It's not very cosmopilitan like other major european cities. Their major shopping mall was somewhat comparable to ever gotesco or sta. lucia.
  • 'been to Finland. You have to bring fun if you get there. Ya, I agree, it is a kinda boring place but Finnish people can be a bit crazy too when drunk (lol!).
  • I've never been to Finland, but I was just curious, you mentioned you're going to other Scandinavian countries. Are you passing by Norway, by any chance? TAga dito kasi ako eh. Hehe.
    Norway din mejo boring. The malls can't really compare to London. But the sights are wonderful. The mountains are spectacular. =) Hope you'll have a great time!
  • yah, ako rin have wondered about finland.

    especially since more and more finnish people are visiting Conan O Brien. all because "Tarja (Finland's president) and Conan are like two berries"

    ie.. conan's huge in finland right now. because he looks like their president.
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