brown discharge

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i had my normal red period nung 2nd wik of may, but before ung tlagang heavy period ko (may 10-16), may mga brown discharge akong experience mga 5days before. a few days after my period, nawala ung brown discharge. den nag start sya ulit mag brown discharge na parang red nung 25. my bf and i had unpreotected sex nung 26, then after namin mag do, sumakit ung puson ko, and di ko lam kung bakit, may kinalaman ba un sa brown discharge? regular naman ako. is it a sign na darating na ang period ko knowing the fact na kakatapos palng ng last period ko. is there a chance na i might get pregant na nag do kami while having such discharge? can someone explain y ganun.. thanks


  • zetiazetia Member PExer
    if you are using birth control pills most likely you will have that dark brown discharges.. it has something to do with your uterine linings causing brown discharges. Minor bleeding is common during your ovulation.

    if you [have regular menstruation avoid sexual intercourse during your fertile period. the fertile period is a week before and a week after your ovulation. paano mo i calculate, from your day 1 of your last period bilang ka ng 28 days. base on your info above.. u had sex nung 5/26 your fertile period.

    it is possible that after a sexual intercourse you will have vaginal bleeding. But the abdominal pain is something. you need to consult your ob/g to rule out STD.
  • asiong aksayaasiong aksaya Member PExer
    curios lng, bkit possible na may vaginal bleeding after sexual intercouse unless frist timer palng. what if di na and active but may vaginal bleeding?

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