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Are they better now they have Hill and T'Mac on their side. Do you think they can make it to the playoffs?


  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    with amaechi, hill, armstrong, and mcgrady, there's no reason to believe that they'll miss the playoffs....the bigger question is if they can get past the first round.....
  • ok, malakas ang lineup nila, lets just see how they fare when they meet the CHAMPS :D, gamitin nating barometer ang LAKERS ;)
  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    To me, it's still looks like Detroit without the snow. One thing they have in common is that they don't have a center.

    If Hill just waited for Duncan...
  • Yes, they're sure to make the playoffs, unless some disaster like multiple injuries happen. But that's highly unlikely. As for the finals, that's nearly an impossibility. Miami, New York and Indiana have either maintained their quality lineups from last year, or in the case of Miami, made significant upgrades. The talk around Florida will probably still be Miami since Orlando failed to convince the most important free agent to come to their team, that's Tim Duncan. ;)

    If you smell what The Rock is cookin! :cool:
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by kazuki:
    Are they better now they have Hill and T'Mac on their side. Do you think they can make it to the playoffs?

    ... r they better?? di na ata kailangan itanong yan..... the qeustion should be how far could they go in the playoffs?

  • lakas sila ...

    at pag sila hindi pa nag-play-off's ...

    ewan ko nalang!
  • Prediction ko hanggang 2nd round sila sa play-offs. Mahihirapan sila sa Miami Heat, Pacers and Knicks. Maybe after three years of playing together, they could reach the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.
  • What do you think will be the outcome of this great duo? Can they win a championship in Orlando? Will they stay in Orlando or one of them will be traded? What do you think, Do you think it will workout just fine?

    For me they look good together but I think it will not workout, Orlando didn't expect T-mac to be that good! I like Grant Hill, but I think he need to move somewhere he can use his talent and leadirship to lead a team. And Orlando badly needs a center. Another thing when Grant Hill was injured, Mike Miller step-up and it will be a waste if he will backup Grant Hill? Share your thoughts!
  • watched the magic a couple of times this season. maybe it's too early to tell, but grant hill isn't moving well. last night against the suns, penny was certainly moving better, though penny has the more severe injuries. hill does not have half the quickness or hops he had before, and that takes away a lot from his effectiveness.

    so i don't know if grant hill can still lead a team. at any rate the magic has become tmac's team. espn is already calling him the best player in the nba, but i'll have to see more matchups against kobe first.
  • Give Grant Hill a little more time to get his game together. Coming into the game fresh from injury and after a one-year lay-off certainly brought his game down but as we all saw his stats in the game against LA this week, he almost got his game back that time, coming one assist short for a triple- double. Yes, he's a little bit slower, but then again he just got off the team's injured-list after re-injuring his knee off-season. Give him a little time and we just might see him regain his form.

    With Hill out last year and without the presence of Vince Carter looming over him, Tracy McGrady had to step up his game and step up he did! For a young player, he showed a lot of leadership skills last season and with Hill, Horace Grant and Patrick Ewing in the team this season, he can take a load off of his leadership duties and up his game more.

    Both Hill and T-Mac are scoring threats and this will open up the opposing team's defense more and enable one of them to score some baskets. And let's not forget Mike Miller. And yes, they can win a championship for Orlando; that is, if the Lakers decide to split-up the dynamic duo of Shaq and Kobe.
  • For me ! they will have a hard time! who will shoot the ball or who will be thier main Offensive Player!
  • So whose team is it? McGrady scored 44 points last week, before the Lakers and Shaq sent him crashing down again. They should be a nice duo to watch, especially on the fastbreak. Too bad they have a Jurassic Frontline in Ewing and Ho Grant.:rotflmao:

    They're a strong team on paper, but only time will tell how far these guys can go.
  • idol ko pa rin si tmac! :) hehehe! sana lumampas sila sa first at second round this year sa playoffs...pero anlufet pa rin ng lakers...almost impossible to beat.
  • they're quite fun to watch...
    i still believe that the leader of this team is grant hill... t-mac might be the leading scorer of the team but definitely it is hill's job... definitely play-off bound... they have veterans (ewing and grant) who can provide good playoff experience, they have a quality players (outlaw, miller, armstrong, etc.)
  • I think they're gonna be the darkhorse in the East. Unless Tmac or GH gets injured, they're a lock for at least the East Semis. This maybe T-Mac's team right now but GH to me has always been that guy who's too nice to give the supporting role. ANd GH can always help in rebounding, assists and other aspects of the game. He doesnt need 30 points to contribute. And remember, he's coming from a 1 year lay-off.

    At times though I think GH is too nice, too nice not to assert his will.
  • if McGrady learns to share the ball in crunch time, then the Magic may have a chance. Hill is just too noble. Hehe. :redgrin:

  • vincervincer PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    from The Sporting News:
    The latest transaction in Magic GM John Gabriel's non-stop roster manipulations should not be read as Bo Outlaw-for-Jud Buechler.

    It should be read as Bo Outlaw-for-Tim Duncan. Or more accurately: Bo Outlaw-for-a chance at Tim Duncan.

    The Magic sent Outlaw to Phoenix for one reason: they wanted out of the $6 million a year contract that has three seasons left on it after this one.

    More precisely, they want fewer financial commitments in the summer of 2003 when Duncan goes back on the market as a free agent. The Magic were seriously close to signing him in the summer of 2000, but lost out to David Robinson and San Antonio at the final hour.

    Now they are financially prepared to take another shot. Trading Outlaw gives them a chance to get between $13 million and $16 million under the projected salary cap for the summer of 2003. That should be enough incentive to lure Duncan, if he so chooses.

    if they can get Duncan, they wll have a better chance of winning a championship. ;)
  • yes! yes!
    hill and tmac finally...
    the only thing missing in the puzzle is a strong presence inside..yun na lng Eastern powerhouse nanaman ang fave team ko..sayang tlga si duncan..imagine him in the lineup with hill and tmac ;)
  • They really cant play Together! record Yata nila ay 5 -6 ??
  • T-Mac is too much of a ballhog.....
    Grant Hill is just too nice eh, pinapabayaan lang nyang magblossom si T-Mac.
    I hope Doc Rivers can give them their roles, kung papno makakapaghati sa bola yung dalawa. Kundi byebye agad sila bago magEast Semis
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