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Display the Philippine Flag

May 28 is Flag Day
June 12 Independence Day

Let us show reverence to the Flag and Motherland

Pilipino Iwagayway Mo Ang Bandila Mo !!!


  • Darating ba ang panahon
    na bandila'y magmistulang
    parol sa bintana
    ng tahanang Pilipino

    Siguroy pag hapo na
    at paos na sa bidahan
    at pag tatalong tila
    walang katapusan

    Ilang kahong serbesa
    na masakit sa bulsa
    ilang paketeng yosi
    sa pag uboy sinisi

    Oh kay sarap ng pakiramdam
    kapag may nag pupugay
    Bandila ng Bayan
    sa harap ng tahanan
  • DJQuimbyDJQuimby PEx Rookie ⭐
    Leon Azcarraga mabuhay ka !
  • Salamat at gayun din sa iyo DJQuimby ,

    Baka gusto ninyong bumisita sa:


    We will have our website soon

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
  • Kung sakaling may magtanong, eto:

    RA 8491

    G. Flag Days

    SECTION 26. The period from May 28 to June 12 of each year is declared as Flag Days, during which period all offices, agencies and instrumentalities of government, business establishments, institutions of learning and private homes are enjoined to display the flag.


    These are people/isntitutions/organizations who have acted or even without being asked responded to the call of the government to promote patriotism, nationalism, and reverence for Filipino and the flag

    ABS-CBN-for producing and coming out with commercials about Filipino, nationalism, patriotism and for recently requiring their employees to use Flag pins.

    Mayor Lito Atienza
    Pres. Fidel V. RAmos
    SM Corp.-for displaying flag and giving independence sales during independence day
    Ayala Foundation-for an exhibit

    (sorry thats all i know for now)

  • Wish us luck lukaret, baka may mangyari sa isang patriotic song na ineensayo ng Ink Band mga bagong miyembro ng Flag Society.
  • blehbleh PExer
    leon, i wish more Filipinos will learn to respect to the flag and do honest work. i wish the Filipinos will learn to be proud and look down on dishonorable deeds. wishawishawishawish.
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    Hhhm, i'll buy a flag on Monday (payday)! :D

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  • Jeffreyw wrote:
    Hhhm, i'll buy a flag on Monday (payday)! :D
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    Aha, a clear cut answer.
  • Today in History / May 28, 1898-2005 leon_azcarraga

    The flag of the Philippines shall be red, white and blue, with a sun
    and three stars as consecrated and honored by the people and
    recognized by law.

    The idea of coming up with a new flag was reached during the
    preparation of the second phase of the Philippine Revolution. It was
    personally conceived by General Emilio Aguinaldo, then President of
    the Revolutionary Government and sewn at 535 Morrison Hill, Hong Kong by Mrs. Marcela Marino Agoncillo - wife of the first Filipino
    Diplomat, Felipe Agoncillo, with the help of her daughter Lorenza and
    Mrs. Delfina Herbosa Natividad, niece of Dr. Jose P. Rizal and wife of
    Gen. Salvador Natividad.

    The flag was made within five days and handed over by Mrs. Agoncillo
    to Gen. Aguinaldo before the latter boarded the American dispatch
    boat, McCulloch on May 17, 1898 on his way to the Philippines.

    The revolutionists originally planned the hostility against the
    Spanish forces on May 30, 1898 but a bloody encounter ensued between
    the Filipino Forces and Spanish marines on May 28 at Bo. Alapan, Imus,
    Cavite where the Philippine flag received its baptism of fire and
    blood. Gen. Aguinaldo hoisted the flag as a sign of victory against Spain.

    On June 12, 1898, the Philippine Flag brought from Hong Kong was
    unfurled for the first time at the historic window of the Aguinaldo
    Mansion in Kawit, Cavite as the country's Independence was being
    proclaimed before the Filipino people.
  • omengomeng PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ang pogi pala ni fafa! aaaayyyy

    di ba baligtad ang paghawak? =)
  • omeng wrote:
    ang pogi pala ni fafa! aaaayyyy

    di ba baligtad ang paghawak? =)

    Kaw omeng puro ka kalokohan, kelan ka mag papakita?
  • National Historical Institute honors ABS-CBN

    The National Historical Institute (NHI) on Saturday awarded ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. the Parangal Gawad Watawat for promoting the use of the national flag.

    The institute honored ABS-CBN top honcho Eugenio Lopez III for ABS-CBN's role in promoting the Philippine flag in the network's programs and campaigns.

    The award was received on behalf of Lopez by Maloli Espinosa-Manalastas, ABS-CBN vice-president for government, corporate and public relations, during the awarding ceremonies in Intramuros.

    The NHI also honored the Ayala Foundation, former president Fidel V. Ramos, Henry Sy of SM Group of Companies and Manila Mayor Lito Atienza.
  • Buhay ka pa ba?

    Ayusin mo muna yang pamilya mo bago ang lahat. Ulupong ka talaga.

    Anong klaseng tatay ka? Sinong maniniwala sa iyo eh yung pamilya mo nga nagkawindang-windang. Nakakahiya.

    Department of Tourism Sec. Joseph Durano and National Historical Institute Exec. Dir. Ludovico Badoy called on everyone to observe respect and reverence to the national symbol of our country’s history and legacy as we celebrate the Philippine National Flag Day or Pambansang Araw ng Watawat on May 28.

    In support of RA 8941 declaring the period from May 28-June 12 of every year as Flag Day, all offices, agencies and mechanism of government, business establishments, schools, and private homes are enjoined to display the flag or flaglets. This is in preparation of the celebration of our 107th National Independence Day.

    NHI Exec. Dir. Badoy said the Philippine flag went through nine evolutions before it became what it is now. “The first flag was the flag of the revolution followed by an early version of the Katipunan flag where it had three K’s and arranged in an equilateral triangle. Then came the flag with one “K” at its center followed by Bonifacio’s Flag, Official flag of the De Facto Government, first official revision, Llanera’s flag, Pio del Pilar’s flag and Gregorio del Pilar’s flag respectively,” Badoy said.

    Our present flag is the brain child of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. He said “the color red signifies the Filipino valor is second to none. This was the color used by the revolutionary forces in Cavite when they rose in arms on August 31, 1896, until the Truce in Biak na Bato. The white signifies Filipino capacity for self government. The triangle signifies the Katipunan ideals of liberty, equality, and the brotherhood of Men. The three stars signify Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao while the rays and stars symbolize islands and provinces and the sun represents progress.”

    The color sky blue was originally blue adapted form the American national emblem and was later changed to its present color which symbolizes nobility of the Filipino according to historian Isabelo de los Reyes.

    The June 12 National Committee through activities to be held on May 28, wishes to remind the public of the original and profound significance of our National Flag. Making them known to our people will help sustain our pride as Filipinos and invoke nationalism and patriotism among our youth.


    Nationalism, patriotism, and pride will once again soar as the country celebrates the Philippine Independence Day with a series of activities from May 28 to June 12.

    The celebration kicks-off with a series of activities including the declaration of May 28 as National Flag Day enjoining everyone to display flags and flaglets. The festivity will culminate with a celebration of our 107th National Independence Day themed “Bayan Ko, Mahal Ko” at Rizal Park, Manila.

    Department of Tourism Sec. Joseph Durano leads the National Organizing Committee for the planning and implementation of activities and programs in commemoration of the Philippine Freedom Day. The theme aims to cultivate deep sense of patriotism and nationhood among all Filipinos.

    Everyone is enjoined to participate in the activities at Rizal Park, Manila as the National Organizing Committee starts the celebration in the afternoon with a performance of a commemorative Tableau by the Barasoain Theater Group. The Tableau will depict the Philippine flag’s evolution and to be followed by a concert of the AFP Brass Band.

    The highlight of the event will be the awarding of the first Kalayaan 2005 Gawad Watawat Achievement Awards to be given to Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, ABS-CBN, Manila Mayor Joselito Atienza, Shoemart Corporation, and Ayala Foundation. The Gawad Watawat award gives recognition to institutions and personalities who have espoused respect and reverence for the flag.

    From May 28-June 12, a tarpaulin exhibit featuring Independence Day Celebration back to back with the “Beat the Odds” exhibit on good governance will be displayed together with AFP Static Display, jobs fair, arts and crafts exhibit, science and technology exhibit in Intramuros, Manila. The Kasaysayan Book Sale will be held in several places like Intramuros in Manila, Cavite, and Ilocos Norte.

    The Department of Tourism will also do a concert in DBP Makati billed as “Iniibig Kita Pilipinas” while Paco Park presents “Ang Bayan kong Pilipinas.” Tours for Laguna and Bulacan dubbed “Biyaheng Kalayaan” will also be available on Independence Day.Other activities include a benefit show in Cavite, visual arts exhibit, and a sine laya-film showing of Filipino classics in Rizal Park.

    The June 12 National Committee includes the Department of Education, Office of the President, Philippine Information Agency, Office of Government Mass Media, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Finance, Metro Manila Development Authority, Development Bank of the Philippines, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, PPSC, NPDC, Government Service Insurance System, Department of Health, National Bureau of Investigation, Social Security System, Department of Social Welfare and Development, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Department of Foreign Affairs, Promark, Civil Service Commission, Volunteer Firefighters, Arts Association of the Philippines, Friends of Aguinaldo Shrine, and Office of Sen. Ramon Revilla arranged a series of activities for this year’s celebration.
  • jdlcjdlc PExer
    Buhay ka pa ba?

    Ayusin mo muna yang pamilya mo bago ang lahat. Ulupong ka talaga.

    Anong klaseng tatay ka? Sinong maniniwala sa iyo eh yung pamilya mo nga nagkawindang-windang. Nakakahiya.

    Manahimik ka nga ulupong! :evilgrin:

    leon :up: :)
  • omengomeng PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Kaw omeng puro ka kalokohan, kelan ka mag papakita?

    juz buzy, my friend.

    wag mag-alinlangan, sa sarili kong paraan, may mga pagpaplano akong ginagawa upang ihasik ang pagka-makabayan ng bawat pilipino sa pamamagitan ng ating mahal na watawat.
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    jdlc wrote:
    Manahimik ka nga ulupong! :evilgrin:

    leon :up: :)

    "ulupong" is accurate :clown3:
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