I think I have brown spots on my skin due to pills!

ok, I started taking Ortho tri cyclen about 2 weeks ago and I went sunbathing just a couple of days ago. Now, i have dark brown spots on my left forearm! its not itchy nor raised. It looks like freckles or moles but a little bigger and more noticeable. Is this because of the pills I am taking?

Also, I am taking a herbal medicine to control female hormones.

Are these the culprits?

How do I get rid of this awful looking spots???

help doc!!! :eyecrazy:


  • bluemoon13bluemoon13 in Went's arms PExer
    i think it's one of the side effect of some bcp's. your skin gets sensitive when exposed to the sun. i experienced that before then i switched to another bcp.

    by the way, did you tell your doctor that you're taking herbal meds? kasi it might interfere with your bcp. just my two cents.

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