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The Best Gundam Season Ever....

lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
I've watched all the gundam series and based on what i've watched i can say that the best among them is the "Gundam Wing" :) Well developed characters (Much cooler too...) and the story is very different from the late and latest gundams... how bout u? do you agree? :naughty:


  • what is a gundam SEASON???

    you mean to say series, though....

    Its hard to say which is the best because everything has their own speciality. 0080 has few mech battles but has a wonderful human aspect to the story, endless waltz, 0083 has beautiful mechs thanks to hajime katoki, seed has the best songs and soundtrack. 0079, zeta and ZZ still has the old school feel to it and is recomended for all who want to see gundam. Turn A has good characterizations. So on and so forth.

    For me, I really love seed & seed destiny. (And yes, I've seen all the gundam series except victory gundam so I know what I'm talking about). They may be renditions of 0079 and Zeta, but they pack quite an amount of twist and some unpredictable outcomes. How the scenes were interlaced with the soundtrack and how it creates an impact. It is something when you already known that a scene was copied from another earlier series but you still watch it because the plot makes it so different.
  • Yeah, he meant series. Let's just ask a mod to change the thread title to avoid confusion.

    Hmm... it also hard for me to choose which is the best Gundam series. So far, I've seen MSG, Zeta, Char's Counterattack, F91, Wing, X, G, SEED and SEED: Destiny.

    For the UC's, I choose Zeta. This series, despite its age, has the best characters, story, mechanics (though some MS in this series look quite ridiculous), and the best cliffhanger in a series.

    For the AU's, I choose Gundam X. Maybe some of you guys heard me saying this in another thread, but Gundam X is the only AU Gundam series that makes me feel that I'm watching a UC Gundam series (well, since it is a consequence/"what-if" scenario of the original MSG). I like most of the characters (except Tifa Addil, though...) and how they develop. Garrod is a much likeable character, and so much is his Gundam Double X.

    That's all... :)
  • gundam wing is crap
  • WindWind PExer
    I've seen mobile suit gundam ,w,x,g,seed,zz,chars' counter attack I like seed cuz it really focus on the horrors of war and show a lot of the nature of humans
  • 08th MS Team

    yun lang. ":)_
  • What I've seen all the way through:
    Gundam 0079
    Char's Counterattack (movie)
    Gundam Wing + Endless Waltz
    Gundam SEED

    What I've seen bits and pieces of:
    Gundam ZZ (naturally, kakasimula pa lang sa Animax)
    Gundam X
    Gundam SEED-Destiny

    My favorite: still the original Gundam 0079. Consider with the limited budget Sunrise had in 1979, they were able to produce a 42-episode epic that's easier to follow and digest than some of the later UC series (personally I had to watch Z-Gundam twice) and is still a proper war drama, unlike some of the newer series (I am numb towards Wing).

    I have yet to watch the other side stories though (0080 War in the Pocket, 0083 Stardust Memory, 08th MS Team).

    As for the AU series: I generally like SEED, although I don't like how ill-resolved it became in the final 10 episodes...and that sort of tainted my poor opinions of SEED-D.

    On mecha design alone I find SEED-D hard to swallow---Wing easily had better looking mecha.
  • gundam seed.. and gundam seed destiny the fact that the story is mature and the fact that the animation nowadays is vivid
  • 08th MS Team

    yun lang. ":)_

    This is still my fave.
    Most realistic mechas and character driven storyline.
  • Kanon wrote:
    This is still my fave.
    Most realistic mechas and character driven storyline.

    Para syang NAM Tour of Duty.

    The pilots, crew, engineers, has no special powers (new type, etc etc etc). As in ordinary skilled pilots lang talaga lahat. ":)_
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