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Feedbacks on Star Cruises?

Hello friends,
Anyone here tried Star Cruises already??Please give feedback. It's the one featured in the aga-Kristine movie (All My Life). Hubby and I are planning on joining on one of their cruises..Thanks.


  • My mom joined one 2 years ago and she hated it. The service was really bad comparing it to the Alaskan Cruise we went to. The casino is open in certain areas lang, since may parts of the Ocean na Singapore (so closed yung casino kasi illegal and casino in Sing). The food was also not so good raw. In short, sayang money.. Better if you go on a cruise with the Royal Caribbean line, Princess line, Crystal Cruiese, Celebrity Cruises and the likes (yung mga kilala na)

    The service was likewas bad, parang tinipid raw. Since the staff is composed of Asians (no pun intented) different ang personality atittude like the caucasians. Mas mabait and magalang raw ang mga puti when it comes to cruise lines...

    Hope I helped a bit!
  • Thanks for the reply.Any other feedbacks??we did try the Crystal Cruises to Alaska years ago, talgang top of the line nga!Worth every penny!
  • Star Cruises I believe only goes around Southeast Asia. I doubt if the popular lines in the US actually goes through SE Asia.
  • our family took the cruise on board superstar virgo last april 24-27 (singapore-penang-phuket-singapore). we all had a grand time on the ship! and the food was great--there are so many restaurants to choose from. we loved the blue lagoon, the pavilion, bella vista and the mediterranean buffet. we got the cabins with a balcony so we got an additional S$300 credit for food and beverages. sawang-sawa kami sa pagkain! and the crew were all very courteous and accommodating, especially the filipinos. very well organized din ang system nila for disembarkation. wala talagng ka-hassle-hassle. i give the star cruises two thumbs up!
  • Thanks achtung!Very helpful comment.:)
  • apoapo PExer
    We joined the tour of superstar virgo last year (sing-penang-langkawi-sing).
    Ok naman, dami foods,the crews, mostly pinoy, asikaso ka naman. Mas ok kung marami kayo sa group para masaya, unless of course you"re on honeymoon.
  • Any other feedbacks on this??Which travel agency do I inquire from?Thanks..
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