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Friggin Mercedes G-Wagon with "6" Plate

slamm runnin on empty
I was on EDSA last night going towards Megamall. Just after the Shaw Underpass i spy two police "hagads" coming in from the back, blocking cars into a full stop so that the white Merc G-Wagon with "6" plates could go through with his mandatory Nissan Safari backup. After the customary cursing words that went through my mind as the "hagads" forced me to the side, I just proceeded to my destination in Ortigas Center without any fanfare.

When i got to ADB Ave, you know where the G-Wagon and his escorts went? PODIUM!!! Of course he parked his ride right on the driveway with the two "hagads" and the backup car mingling about, obstructing traffic as usual.

This guy already has a history on


  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Badtrip talaga yung G-Wagen na yan. Sana sumabog na lang siya. Sobrang yabang sa daan, eh. Kala mo naman napaka-importante ng mga lakad.
  • lakay
    lakay Proverbial pain
    I was searching thru the web at Philippine government sites for complaints but, the government site is not working at these moment. Maybe the server is having lunch break (or maybe siesta).
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