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'Tis the season. Happy Holidays, PExers!

Anyone ever been to South America?

I'm curious. I've always wanted to explore Macchu Picchu and hit the beaches of Brazil. Anyone ever been?


  • I haven't been to there but I am also curious. The one thing that stopping me from going is that the airfare tends to be somewhat expensive from where I live.
  • i've been to south america a couple of times. it's because my dad works in brazil.

    i've been to venezuela, colombia and brazil.

    luv the culture. luv the people.

    my dream is to own a house there someday.
  • ive been here for 3yrs already.. rio de janeiro the best!
  • I've always been interested in Brazil as I love the music especially Bossa Nova. I heard a lot of wonderful things about Ipanema Beach, Corcovado Mountain, and one of the natural wonders of the world the harbor of Rio de Janeiro
  • fantastic!! super tagal lng byahe frm phil...
    grabeh as in 2 days..
  • Hahahah. the travel time really sucks. mga 26 hours, not counting stop over time. :eyecrazy:

    brasphil: where in rio do you stay? we used to stay in leblon. but now my dad is based in macae. have you been to buzios? miss that place. :)
  • yes correct ka dyan flavvvah.... ipanema more than 2yrs na. stayed in salvador 4 a yr. then we moved here na sa rio...neighborhood lng tyo.
    yup! been to buzios. ..its nice nman there but so much better sa iguazul.. hve u been there na beside argentina?

    wen r u coming bck to visit brasil? kita tyo ha.
  • brasphil: i dunno when i'll go back. i'm working na kasi eh. sayang naman kung mag brasil ako tapos 1 week lang, diba? :)

    i haven't been to argentina. but soon! hopefully. i heard it's like a european country, and not latino at all.

    foz de iguacu is the best, i have to agree on that. my only lament is that when i was in brazil, i didn't go pa to salvador. i so wanted to visit bahia, jericoacoara. kaso ang layo eh.

    i miss New Year in Copacobana! And i miss the hippie markets on sundays. And the night market. and i miss picanha. i miss porcao. i even miss carre four! i miss guarana. i miss cafezinhos. i miss caipirinhas!!! i miss surfing the waves of Rio... i could go on and on and on...

    there's this resto here in pinas called brasil brasil. ay nako. sobrang hindi authentic yung picanha nila. walang sinabi.

    i still have that postcard from porcao with the drawing of the cow cut into the different cuts ng beef. whenever my mom and i go shopping for meat, we bring it with us, to show them which part to get for picanha. wala palang picanha cut dito sa pinas. hehehe

    brasil is so very close to my heart. :) i learned how to surf there and i almost married a brazilian. hehe.

    i'll try to be back there by Christmas. :)

    havaianas is the hype here nowadays. the pairs i have na pambahay, is considered glamorosa now. hahaha
  • hi flavvah,

    how did you learned to surf? did somebody taught you?
    would u know any surfing schools here in the country? :wink:
  • flavvvah- sayang, thought we cant chika here but its oks.
    is ur dad doing business here ? connected sya wer?
    me nman, every xmas dyan me sa pinas kya my family always make early booking...

    bout bahia nman by plane 1hr. sumthing lng. the people there are more simple n mostly black.
    me nman sa kilo2 lng me everyday for lunch. katamad magluto kce hirap ng maghanap ng lahok for cooking dba. for sure ur mom also nahirapan.

    i heard d resto named brasil2 lapit lng sa house ko un. m staying sa grnhls opposite club fil. lng... kala ko nman ok. dun. ytry ko sana pag uwi ko...
    love mo tlga brasil ha..sbi mo u almost married a brazilian.wat happened? may brasphil combination kasana. hehehe.

    u knw wats funny, un havaianas na slipper is very ordinary lng here dba then b4 ng umuwi me der si kris ba nman on t.v eh super kilig sa pag announce ng havaianas slipper. then i told myself sossy pala tsinelas ko.. hahaha..katawa ko noh parang baliw..

    i hve more kwento about brasil, been to diff. places na here .. wla lng sayang kce dba. super kainip lang byahe frm here to phil. but sumtimes we apply 4 visa para nakaklabas kmi coz sumtimes tagal waiting time minsan nga 11hrs pa.grrrrrrr!

    chika tayo again ha. eat muna me breakfast. lam mo nman diff. timezone tyo.. gudnite there
  • forgot 2 ask u flavvvah.
    is der a cheaper way to col long distance to phil.?
    me kce im ma- chika wd my sisters. as in everyday i col them just to chika. let me know nman if u hve any idea..thanks!
  • pringles: yes, someone taught me to surf. i took up lessons in brazil. :) i took it up for about a month. there are surfing lessons here in 'Pinas. In La Union, I know an instructor. Let me know if you want details. :)

    brasphil: hey there! tudo bem? yes, very sosy ang tsinelas na yan dito. natatawa talaga ko. kinekwento ko sa friends ko dito na yung maid ng dad ko sa brazil, nakahavaianas. di sila maka paniwala. hahahaha.

    last summer i even brought home some pairs and sold them to my friends at half price. dito kasi P800 isang pair. over noh?

    i've also been to different places there in brazil. everytime we would visit, my dad and i would go roadtrip around brazil. favorite namin yung mga quaint towns like paraty and ouro preto. i also enjoyed ilha grande. hmmm... dami pang pwedeng i-visit. i wanted to go to that river. ano nga name nun? kalimutan ko na. it was even mentioned in that novel by john grisham.

    anyway, i don't know of any cheaper ways to call to the Philippines eh. when my dad and i talk, it's always thru YM. :) u have ym?
  • flavvvah: bom dia!
    in pa rin ba til now? kng ganun i hve to buy for my sisters pala pag uwi ko.hehehe...

    about the river dunno eh!?. just woke up kce dpa nagana un brain ko. ilha grandei s a very place. i agree!
    i think i hve to to drink cafe muna tulog pa diwa ko kce..

    dont know ym? wats that ? is it cheaper. grabe kce phone bill ko every mos. 4k inaabot ko. (daldal ko kce w/d my sis.)
    i tried sykes hirap nman kce everytime na i wanna chika wd them eh sleeping time sa pinas.

    share mo nman how to use ym ha ..tcau..
  • brasphil: wow super tagal kong di naka-reply! am sorry. been super busy with work. clients from the US visiting. so super ngarag sa office.

    YM is yahoo messenger. you can now download the new beta version. sobrang cool. kasi i had my dad download the beta version, tapos ako din. and may feature dun na you can talk, parang phone, pero dapat meron kayo both na mic and speakers. a headset would do. you can download ym from yahoo.

    yes, in parin ang havaianas. make sure you buy your sister 2 - 3 pairs. hehehe.
  • Could that river you're talking about be the Amazon??? :mconfused:
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