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Cyberteam in Akihabara

bluetheherobluethehero unsung hero PExer
Anyone who used to like these anime featuring girls as main character? This used to be aired at AXN.


  • lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas MySola ✭✭
    yeah their kinda cute but it's very cheesy.... the only thing that i love about this anime is their opening and ending song, and i don't think this is a finished anime... so y did u ask? did you kove this one? i like ninku better than this...
  • Silent_TyperSilent_Typer Weakness: Harem no Jutsu PExer
    He likes the transformation sequences? What's not to like there? :naughty2:
  • LiL_MiYuLiL_MiYu Member PExer
    Hi! can i ask what time is it showing on AXN
  • lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas MySola ✭✭
    i don't think it will ever be shown again... it's like watching a stupid version of sailor moon... :skull: so pls. don't ever bother to ask.... :diablo:

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