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Ho-Ho-Hope you have a holly jolly holidays, PExers! 🎅

must see places ..states lang near new jersy

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  • You can go to New York which is the next state over. Boston and Philadelphia are a few hours away by car. There's also Maryland and Delaware south of New Jersey and Washington DC a little farther south.
  • new york definitely!

    boston's worth visiting too... go to the universities/colleges the place is famous for :)
  • Washington DC- go crazy in their jam packed museums and grand monuments. The city is quite easy to navigate around and you'll find the Metro to be user friendly and super efficient. By size Washington DC is small but the city is dense with mcuh sightsees to visit. Go to the Holocaust Museum for a moving history of Germany's 'gentrification'. Smithsonian Museums will easily take 2 days to visit its entirety. Arlington Cemetery is well worth a look and hundreds and hundreds of munuments all spread out in the city (Lincoln Memorial etc...)
  • lupinlupin PExer
    New York City will already keep to you busy. :)
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