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hey pwede po bng ,magtour sa Malacanan..ive heard na P10,000 daw entrance...mahal naman! sa white house nga daw, free daw pero may limits...
sino n d2 nakatour sa palasyo na yan!


  • whatwhat PExer
    i think that's an overly exaggerated price. i think you could tour the palace for a really cheap fee. better call the special services section before you visit. maybe an appointment should be arranged
  • when i was young, late 80s :D i remember nagfield trip school namin sa malacanang pati sa room ni imeda where her shoes were stored. nowadays, with the GINORMOUS security threat poised against the Arroyo administration, i don't think it will ever be open even to kids :D unless for photo opp with GMA and her cabinet, of course :lol:
  • yah i was gonna say.. i remember taking a field trip to malacanang. pero this was WAYYYYY BACK in 80s pa!

  • yeah. pano ba talaga makapasok sa Malacanang? Do we need to get a permit or something?
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    been there yeaarrrssss ago. pero now d na po pde to. I asked DOT NCR last week kse nag conduct din kami Manila City tour for our guests. Red alert din daw kse tayo dto sa Manila.
  • Err P10,000? Kwentong barbero 'yan :glee:

    I've been on a tour inside Malacanang once but that was back in the late '80s too. May fee pero mababa lang, and I seem to remember that on Wednesdays (or is it Thursdays?) they didn't charge anything.

    Also please be reminded that text-speak isn't allowed on PEx anymore. Please type your words completely next time, wala pong 160-character limit per post. :)
  • alaina_05alaina_05 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hala...10k??? sobra naman yun. d2 ako work sa malacanang, 100 pesos lang ang fee pero ipapa-sched mo yan. right now...simula nung feb 24 2006 eh di na muna allowed ang field trip dito. maski yung magpapicture ka lang sa tapat ng gate bawal muna.
  • 100 pesos, pero kailangan ng schedule?/ that's kinda crazy!!
  • alaina_05alaina_05 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yep, nakakaloko nga sha...maski ako nagtaka kung ba't kelangan may sched pa. basta parang dapat eh ipa-reserve yung visit mo. madalas eh thursday ang field trip dito.
  • Ang mahal 10k... Shocking naman yun.. tapos pa sched ka pa...
    eh paano kung ordinaryong mamamayan ka lang tapos gusto mo lang magliwaliw sa Loob. :D..... pansinin ka pa kaya pag ganun kalagayan mo... :?:
  • Wala bang update dito? :bop:

    Gusto ko rin makita ang loob ng Palasyo.
  • wayback 2002 during my college days, allowed ang tour sa malaca?ang but not the whole place. Sa isang building lang sila na nagpapapasok ng visitors, parang show room nila. Andon yung evolution of preserved flags na ginamit from Katipunan days up to present. Andon din yung shoes ni Magsaysay na narecover from crash site, mga old dresses from previous prsidents, mga itak at tabak of katipuneros, some of imelda's shoes, and other things from the past administrations.

    No need for appointment noon, either weenesday or thursday lang ang tour. I thing P50 lang ang tour. I found it very educational for kids kung maisasama sila don.
  • madmadermadmader PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I booked a tour next week with Old Manila Walks - San Miguel - Malaca?ang Palace Walk. Their rate is P1,100 per person, which includes Malaca?ang Palace Musuem, Legarda Mansion and merienda. Names of participants have to be submitted to palace security 10 days prior to tour date. I've never been to Malaca?ang and am very excited to see it. So with my Mom, who says the last time she's been to Malaca?ang was when President Magsaysay died and his remains were open for viewing at the palace... decades ago! Now she's excited to come on the tour too... hoping all goes well next week. *okay*
  • 1,100?
    thats still expensive huh...
    it should be free... hehe
    no really... di ba tax natin yon mga nagmmaintain sa mga ganyan?
    i could be wrong though..hehe
  • madmadermadmader PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^Yup... namamahalan nga ako. I was figuring out a way to d.i.y. it, but I read from Manila Gateway that entrance to the palace costs P200 to P500, depending on the areas you will be allowed access to. Plus, entrance to the Museum requires a letter or fax to the museum director at least a week before your visit, listing the names, nationalities and passport numbers of the visitors, P50 lang yata per head ang entrance fee dito.
    And I think a guided tour would be better for first-timers like us, so we opted for the tour kahit medyo mahal... fine-dine merienda is included, so hopefully sulit na yung price.
  • jadebench wrote: »
    hey pwede po bng ,magtour sa Malacanan..ive heard na P10,000 daw entrance...mahal naman! sa white house nga daw, free daw pero may limits...
    sino n ** nakatour sa palasyo na yan!

    what the heck?lol
    grabe namang prize yan, over exaggerated eh.
    ginto ba ang Malaca?ang? hahaha


    ?The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one?s own country as a foreign land.? ? G. K. Chesterton

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  • Php 100 lang ang entrance fees ( general public) ng Malacanang Palace but due to security and photography restrictions only 1 camera is allowed per group.

    You need to book at least 10 days in advance in order to have a tour in the place.
  • nikkilovenikkilove PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nakapasok ako dati through one of our kakilala, ma narra, puro kahoy with some marmol ang interior.ma painting and madaming ilaw, medyo madilim kasi orange or yellow yung light bulbs tapos nag rereflect sa narra or wooden interior.

    its not as grand as the State Capitol or Library of Congress in DC, pero maganda pa rin. Ok pa din ipa tour sa mga tourists.

    its a good attraction pa rin.

    I also realize, ok din pala yung ginawa ni Binay na ginawa nyang office yung Coconut palace, parang mag kaka historical value yung place, lalo na pag na vacate na nya after his term,

    pwede na rin gawing attraction site yun.

    sana ma mamaintain.

    pero yung supreme court and yung sa house of representatives sa may batasan, good luck.

    actually yung supreme court pwede pa rin, tanggalin lang yung mga ginawang mesanin na opisina, ang bulok kaya ng dating. parang mga lumang bahay sa quiapo at sampaloc.

    tapos yung post office,dapat gayahin na lang yung sa DC, gawing Post Office museum, sayang lang. or at least part of it, para mag ka revenue.
  • :mecry:walang pera ang Philpost to have even a decent museum.

    Try to go to the Postal museum and Library and you will feel very sad with the state of the museum. even there is no entrance fees very few knows it even exists.
  • mag fax po kayo sa office sa malacanang address sa museum derector doon tapos tatawagan kayo nila kong what day kayo makakapunta sa malacanang..
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