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River Queen Hotel Iloilo??

Has anyone stayed at The River Queen Hotel , Bonifcacio Drive in Iloilo City?? Iloilo?? Is it okay??


  • angstangst PExer
    Di sya ok. I wouldn't recommend it. There are better hotels in Iloilo: Amigo, Sarabia or Hotel del Rio are better than River Queen.
  • I hope its better than La Paz Pension, Im just looking for a Regular Hotel that is okay enought, not in the league of Sarabia or Amigi since those Hotels wont accept Small Dogs (Chihuahua) inside the room.

    The Room where they allowed us to stay in La Paz Pension was a S Hole! And they even have the nerve not to allow Dogs Inside, when in fact their rooms look like worse than where dogs live.
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