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Anime Business News (including Gaming)

kenshinflyerkenshinflyer Super Combat Butler PExer
I am starting this thread so that you'll be notified of the latest news in the anime business--the thing that makes your favorite anime tick. This also means touching the videogaming scene.

For starters: here's stuff from today's The Philippine STAR and [url][/url]

Takara, the owners of Broccoli (which owns the Galaxy Angel franchise) will soon merge with Tomy, the makers of ZOIDS toys, come September 2006, under the name Tomy Co., Ltd. They say that this is the best way to stay competitive. This merger will make the company the fourth largest toy and videogame company in Japan. This means that the worlds of Galaxy Angel, Zoids, and Super Doll Licca-chan will come together. Another thing, Japanese mobile phone company Index Company, now the majority stakeholder in Takara (they bought the 77.2% stake once owned by Bandai), plans with the two companies to operate a content distribution company featuring the two companies' characters. Implications in the Philippines: Galaxy Angel, Zoids, Licca-chan, or any of their characters, may come to your cellphone via either SMART, Globe, or Sun--very, very soon, if they're interested. And that cute Q-Car electric car may come here soon!

Speaking of Bandai (which licenses the Galaxy Angel franchise), they have purchased videogame maker Namco (which created Tekken and Pac-Man), making it the second largest toy and videogame maker in Japan--second only to Sega Sammy Holdings. Bandai was responsible for bringing Sailormoon to the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn as games--now their presence in the videogame market could be bigger, and better. Galaxy Angel Para-Para simulator for the arcades, perchance?

Off-topic: The Microsoft Xbox 360 has been unveilled. Given that Galaxy Angel has made an appearance on the Xbox, maybe you should know this. Specs: three IBM PowerPC CPUs (the same ones on the average Apple Macintosh), a detachable 20GB hard drive, detachable and customizable front panels (a la Nokia cellphones), and graphics chips by ATI. Main target: the Sony PlayStation3. Backwards compatibility? Uncertain.

CLAMP fans will be pleased with this: to celebrate 15 years of existence, CLAMP releases "CLAMPAZAR," a four-CD compilation--three CDs featuring music and opening and end themes from some of their creations, like Cardcaptor Sakura, X, Chobits, and CLAMP School; and one DVD containing opening and end sequences from the said anime, including the full music video of their newest creation, Wish. Available through Victor Records in Japan. For more data, check out for more data. Sorry, it's in Japanese. The compilation, by the way, is around $73 (around Php4400 or 4500).

Playstation Portable owners, alert: Geneon (the former Pioneer LDC--and owners of the Boys Be franchise) is releasing anime for the PSP. Titles include Appleseed and Samurai Champloo.

Central Park Media (CPM) once owned the Slayers TV series franchise. Now, with that license expiring, FUNMation (the licensors of Samurai 7) picks up the rights. Implications to Philippine TV: a new network other than ABS-CBN may get it again--this time with better dubbing!

Well, that's all for now. Monitoring...


  • DKLDKL Texhnolyzed PExer
    huh? CPM's license expired...

    that really has nothing to do with network TV does it?

    it's not like lincenses expire at the same time...

    also, since ABS hasn't aired the show recently, I'm assuming that they already dropped it and GMA could've picked it up LONG ago, but haven't

    but of course, I'm just assuming things

    EDIT: OH YEAH, didn't I already talk about the UMD format anime?
  • kenshinflyerkenshinflyer Super Combat Butler PExer
    More news...

    Now then, The Anime News Network reports that Tatsunoko Productions, responsible for the US version of Astroboy and those obscure Bible anime like Superbook and Flying House, is now bought by toymaker Takara from its founding family. Last April, they merged with toymaker Tomy, and now Takara (who owns Broccoli, the owner of the Galaxy Angel franchise) wants to produce content and software based on Tatsunoko properties. But there is a snag: Tatsunoko is currently involved in two lawsuits filed by Studio Nue over ownership of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, one of them ongoing. The reason for Tatsunoko agreeing to be bought by Takara is because of financial reasons.

    Founded in 1962, Tatsunoko is one of Japan's oldest animation studios. Tatsunoko's properties include Speed Racer, Gatchaman (G-Force), Cashern and most recently KARAS. (Courtesy, ANN)
  • BOOGIECATBOOGIECAT Banned by Admin PExer
    Tatsunoko ay dating sa I.G Productions pero binenta rin siya sa Banpresto(sister company ng BanDai who also owns Ashi Productions).Tapos ngayon naman sa Takara-Tomy na.May napansin kayo:

    Ban Dai=Sunrise
    Banpresto=Ashi Productions
    Takara-Tomy=Tatsunoko Productions

    May napansin ako panay G.A ang nasa balita mo ha?
  • kenshinflyerkenshinflyer Super Combat Butler PExer
    BOOGIECAT wrote:
    Tatsunoko ay dating sa I.G Productions pero binenta rin siya sa Banpresto(sister company ng BanDai who also owns Ashi Productions).Tapos ngayon naman sa Takara-Tomy na.May napansin kayo:

    Ban Dai=Sunrise
    Banpresto=Ashi Productions
    Takara-Tomy=Tatsunoko Productions

    May napansin ako panay G.A ang nasa balita mo ha?

    Can't avoid it. But hate it or like it, Broccoli makes some of the best flat-shaded 3D around. The other Broccoli property is Di Gi Charat. Pero, aside from fansubs and downloaded versions, still not officially released in the Philippines. That's why I put G.A as an example.

    I.G Productions? Baka minority stake lang naman noon, or they have worked with Tatsunoko once. But Takara's acquisition makes them majority shareholders. In short, they now own the company. (Kind of like Robert Glazier buying Manchester United.)

    Tsaka, interesting ang Project GA because it's multi-faceted: designed to be for TV, internet, console and PC gaming, even the music scene and radio-drama scene, and even print media. That was the purpose for GA. Yes, yes, yes, Galaxy Angel has appeared on the Xbox.

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