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Survivor Guatemala: the Maya Empire (Survivor Season 11) NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

the last season rocked, heres hoping the next one keeps it up *okay*


Hidden deep in the rainforest of Central America, stand the ruins of an ancient civilization that once prospered and then vanished. These were the Maya people and this is the country of Guatemala. These stunning cities of the past stand as clues to a mystery thousands of years old.

While Europe was in the dark ages, it was the Maya who harnessed the knowledge of the stars and the celestial movements to create a mystical union of man, nature and the Gods. It was a world of great kings, elaborate ceremonies, fierce battles and even human sacrifice.

18 Survivors will be marooned within this mysterious and rugged terrain. For the first time, the castaways will actually live within the ruins of a vanished civilization and they will be forced to embrace the ancient Maya lifestyle. Join us this fall as the adventure continues with Survivor: Guatemala, The Maya Empire.


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  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 Babae po ako ✭✭
    heheh bilis ah!

    rock on!!! :wave:
  • eli_xandereli_xander Survivorfan ✭✭
    o, crybabymaki, you beat me to it... anyways, all good! cant wait for september!
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki Member PExer
    ako ren excited na :bounce:

  • karenskikarenski Member PExer
    Me too! :teehee:
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki Member PExer
    sana sobrang daming pogi ulit tulad nang palau

  • MJMJ Malaking Jird PExer
    september pa? tagal pa pala.. :(
  • kareggielskareggiels Miller Time! PExer
    Sana hindi nila masira yung ruins.
  • faaip_de_oiadfaaip_de_oiad PEX GOD PExer
    ^ exactly. tsk tsk.
  • eli_xandereli_xander Survivorfan ✭✭
    after 4 seasons, they are finally moving out of the beaches and islands, i think it would be interesting to see how our 18 castaways will live in the ruins...
  • kareggielskareggiels Miller Time! PExer
    naku babaho pa dun. wala naman silang portable toilet diba? hehe!
  • baby_07baby_07 Take me to Paris. PExer
    Wow, ang aga nito ah! :D Next season is pretty exciting. New concept of place and I expect tougher challenges. And of course more importantly, interesting castaways! :glee:

    Tagal pa pero kakaexcite na! :teehee:
  • quentsquents Banned by Admin PExer
    tagal pa. sana magreplay studio23 ng old survivors.
  • med_transmed_trans pexing while transcribing PExer
    gt-map.gif *okay*
  • AnimoTeneoAnimoTeneo Bum PExer
    Wow, nice at least no longer an island. I like the concept very unique.
  • boinksboinks sige comment... PExer
    ang tindi ng crybabymaki...inunahan ako dito hahahaha! anyway, Good Job! i was so happy with the run of Survivor:Palau, even happier with the results.
  • binoyskibinoyski Member PExer
    i am actually nervous for Guatemala, after a really good season. i have a funny feeling na we'll be disappointed with this one. sana hindi.
  • eli_xandereli_xander Survivorfan ✭✭
    accdg to someone from guatemala that posted in sucks, isasara na ung park where the next survivor will be filmed tomorrow...
  • red_phoenixred_phoenix seasons of love PExer
    wohooo...ambilis ha! can't wait for september...
  • med_transmed_trans pexing while transcribing PExer
    mukang kakaiba ang setting ng survivor 11 ...
    sana next time sa pinas na...
  • eli_xandereli_xander Survivorfan ✭✭
    CBS announces 'Survivor 11' to film in Mayan ruins, be titled 'Survivor: Guatemala'

    By Steve Rogers, 05/16/2005

    CBS has announced that this fall's upcoming eleventh installment of its Survivor franchise will take place in Guatemala and be titled Survivor: Guatemala, The Maya Empire.

    The network made the announcement at the conclusion of last night's Survivor: Palau finale, with Survivor host Jeff Probst presenting a Survivor: Guatemala preview that stated that Guatemala will drop the competition's cast size back to eighteen (compared to the twenty featured in Palau) and, for the first time in a Survivor series, require its castaways to live in the ruins of a vanished civilization.

    The preview also stated that the castaways would be "forced to embrace the ancient Maya lifestyle" after being "marooned within this mystical and rugged terrain" -- with the exact meaning of the comments no doubt intended to remain intentionally vague until the show's September 2005 debut.

    Despite CBS's secrecy, thanks to the announcements of Guatemalan authorities, some additional details of the show's location have emerged. According to Guatemalan reports, the country's federal government announced on April 27 that they had reached -- over the objections of the government's Ministry of Culture office -- a controversial agreement to allow the show to film in the Mayan ruins located within the country's Yaxh? national park.

    The decision appears to be controversial primarily due to the fact that unlike the nearby UNESCO-protected Tikal ruins site, the ruins at Yaxh? are still being restored, with archaeologists still excavating and restoring the structures, plazas, and causeways that comprise the ruins.

    However despite the ruins status, Guatemala's el Peri?dico newspaper reported that the country's National Council of Protected Areas authorized the show to film in the area, as long as the show's producers agreed to stipulations that the castaways would not be allowed to hunt any game and that they would exhibit care with regard to protecting the area's ecosystem.

    Other detractors of the government's decision cite the fact that the show is likely to utilize upwards of 200 cast and crew members during the May 18-August 10 period during which the northern Guatemala park will be closed to the public, however government officials insist that also won't be a problem, noting that over 200 people involved with the existing restoration efforts have already been working and living in the area.

    Featuring a twin pyramid complex, nine acropolis and more than 500 structures, the Yaxh? site is located on the shore of crocodile-infested Lake Yaxh?\, with the ruins on the edge of a lagoon.

    Personnel from the Ministry of Culture, the National Council for Protected Areas, and Guatemalan Tourist Institution will reportedly supervise the filming, although they don't expect problems, with one government representative even commenting (in spanish) that "the problems that threaten Yaxh? today seem more likely to be caused by Guatemalans than by foreigners."

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