Palawan or Boracay?

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I need your opinions. My friends and I are planning a trip and choosing between Palawan or Boracay. Personally, I'm more drawn to Palawan because I'm not interested with all the partying and drugs in Boracay =P

To those who've been to both places...Which place did you like more?? Why? What activities can we do in Boracay and Palawan????


  • torontoron deep fried PExer
    palawan.. oo.. el nido.. :D.. kayaking.. snorkeling
  • SchönSchön Member PExer
    Where in Palawan?
  • tektantektan let it be PExer
    If you're a beach person, go for Bora. But if you'd like to be closer to nature, it's Palawan (Coron or Honda Bay).

    Palawan has no decent beaches, except El Nido. It's mostly for diving enthusiasts and nature trippers. Boracay has the best sand and is highly recommended for young party people.

    Personally, I enjoyed my Bora trip more than I did Palawan. One reason could be accessibility. Bora's only a short plane and land travel while Coron, Palawan took longer and dustier road hours. What really frustrated me about Coron was that there were no beaches near our place. We had to ride a boat to be able to go to the nice places.

    Maybe you could make voting more specific like:
    A. Honda Bay
    B. Coron
    C. El Nido
    D. Calauit
    E. Boracay
  • atenista_c_meatenista_c_me Banned by Admin PExer
    Palawan of course! serene place. mas kontiang tao. pero mas maraming yummy sa Boracay. ahihihihi
  • leialeialeialeia Travel Factor PExer
    Between Palawan (been here twice already this summer) and Boracay (only once, 10 yrs ago)... I will ALWAYS CHOOSE PALAWAN.

    there are pristine beaches in palawan -- powdery white sand, clear blue waters, walang bato, walang lumot, walang sea-grass, walang basura, walang jologs na pakalat-kalat.

    SABANG BEACH -- madadaanan papunta sa Underground River. they also have nice resorts which are very affordable (travel time: 1hr 30mins from the airport; just ride a van para hindi maalikabok)

    HONDA BAY (travel time: 30mins tryke from airport, 30mins boat ride depending on island destination). Among my faves are: Snake Island (1hr boat ride from wharf), Starfish Island (30 mins from wharf), Luli (15 mins starfish island), Pandan Island.
    The islands around honda bay boast of 'untouched beauty'. unbelievably clean! the sand is white & soft.. hindi mabato at walang lumot sa beach. ang dami pa fishes!

    DOS PALMAS, ARRECEFFI ISLAND -- awesome resort! very beautiful! great coral reefs, best for diving & snorkelling. the beach is OK. but there are sea-grasses, which the staff removes daily. and during low-tide (4pm onwards), there would be no water on the beach anymore ehheheh. but they do have a nice pool with jaccuzzi!
    i know marami pang iba... hindi ko palang napupuntahan... i've researched a lot about EL NIDO, PORT BARTON, COCO LOCO, AMANPULO... balang araw, mapupuntahan ko rin kayo!
  • leialeialeialeia Travel Factor PExer
    Sabang Beach f3f74740.jpg
  • leialeialeialeia Travel Factor PExer
    Dos Palmas, Arreceffi Island
    f3f73510.jpg f3f734da.jpg
  • jillpotjillpot globetrotter PExer
    Palawan *okay*

    I've spent my best vacation (so far) exploring the Calamianes (Coron-Culion-Busuanga)

    Definitely the Best! :handsdown:
  • Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    why would anyone compare Palawan to Boracay??? Palawan is serene and beautiful with lots and lots of things to do. Boracay? It's now a cesspool of party freaks and greedy businessmen who have disregarded taking care of it's once majestic beauty.

    I suggest you go to El Nido or Busuanga. Awesome places!!! I love El Nido!!! You should go to the big and Small Lagoon. Ask the bangkeos to take you to the secluded islands with powdery white sand etc.
  • flybynight2000flybynight2000 Member PExer
    Palawan is breathtaking, if you had watched previous episodes of The Amazing Race, it's so beautiful.
  • orangekittenorangekitten pusakal PExer
    palawan, no comparison there, pero late na yata reply ko :lol:
  • EthanBawasantaEthanBawasanta Harkur PEx Rookie ⭐
    How about both? Masyado na marami tao sa Bora if life is a beach .Iba talaga *** white sand, parang polvoron, hindi *** lasa ah. Kung malapit ka sa nature, go to Palawan.
  • aze24aze24 my little star PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • FanamacFanamac Gala di Makali!! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Better set what do you want to do/see?

    Adventure/Beach Party and a few meters away from pristine white beach = Boracay.
    Adventure+Nature tipping and pristine white beach = Palawan.
  • PrinceXavieRPrinceXavieR Time to Move On PExer
    both.. but Palawan is better! *okay*
  • arcane_glimpsesarcane_glimpses Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Visit both at least once in your life. They are two different experiences--well, three if you count Palawan as two: a) El Nido and Puerto Princesa on the main island and b) Calamianes group to the north.
  • UAEguyUAEguy Member 🐃 Tamaraw Squad
    parehong ok

    kung ayaw mo sa matao, Palawan ka

    kung water activities, party, food, Boracay ka

    pero dapat maganda rin ang location sa island

    kung Palawan, Amanpulo ang da best

    kung Bora, any hotel in Station 1 will do

    tsaka, mas ok ang beach ng Bora kasi ang Palawan, more on scuba diving

    ako personal opinion: Boracay pa rin, balance kasi, pwede kang mag-relax or mag-party, hindi nakakabagot
  • alienmanalienman Expert PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Hi mga ka pexers,kung gusto nyo boracay at palawan package.dito mas makakatipid kayo pag package tours na. visit our webpage.
  • exploreroexplorero Member PExer
    Palawan, hands down!
  • Tom JerryTom Jerry Member PExer
    explorero wrote: »
    Palawan, hands down!

    Why you will give hands down to Palawan while it's a big island and much famous among visitors to go for. I am keen to know the reason why you dislike this island and would like to give it minus rating. Hope you would like to share with me.

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