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What do you think is the "real" form of one piece???

lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
one piece, one piece, one piece everybody's talking about it and everyone in the anime is dying to have it.... but what really is "one piece"? a thing? a place? power? treasure? who knows any lucky guess???

Gold D. Roger, the pirate king has the "one piece" does it mean that it is a thing? well? :smile2skull:


  • might as well be Gol D Roger's ship.. the one Tom did...
    in short... a WMD (Weapon of Mass destruction)

    well.. either that or a magical bag where ou can pull out any food you want... perfect for luffy
  • Try kong hulaan kung ano yung One Piece... pagkakaibigan? :lol:
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