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Manga for discontinued animes

:surprised: there are lot's of it... slamdunk, rave, hunter x hunter, cooking master boy, rurouni kenshin and others... :smile2skull:

does anyone got a copy of these? im willing to buy or if you're nice enough i'll just borrow it.... well do you have one??? :naughty2:


  • Rascha_DRascha_D Citizen of Sanctuary PExer
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
  • TheBedanTheBedan Member PExer
    hunter x hunter>
    slamdunk > I think I saw the link at the slam dunk manga inter high discussion thread
  • spiderdudespiderdude Ultimate Spider-Fan PExer
    I think Berserk is one of the most bitin anime...I think almost everyone who have watched it have gone to the net or read the manga just to know what happend...
  • DKLDKL Texhnolyzed PExer
    well yeah, but the BERSERK anime ended on an incredibly strong note

    I will read the manga eventually though, but I'll wait for darkhorse to come out with a box set or something

    but for now, it's like 14$ a graphic novel
  • lalaki ni hudaslalaki ni hudas MySola ✭✭
    i love BERSERK also, i have read up to chapter 27 of the manga and it's so cool but not for kids.... :D anyway does anyone know if it's already finished? pls. lemme know...
  • DKLDKL Texhnolyzed PExer
    nope, 29th volume just came out recently, and according to people, at the rate that the manga is going, it'll be done when Miura is like... in his late 40s or something
  • MabixxMabixx Member PExer
    Berserk tops the best Seinin Manga Genre. tapos GantZ
  • Red_WolfRed_Wolf Member ✭✭✭
    Area 88 has an expanded version of the TV and OAV series-from the flashback story of Shin's recruitment into the Area 88 force hanggang sa nagkita sila ni Ryoko ulit. Actually, mas madami ang nangyari sa manga series, which has been released by Shonen Sunday in a ten-part 'Wide Comic' anthology set.
  • ron_8ron_8 Banned by Admin PExer
  • jamilaojamilao I am Kira PExer
    dba hindi naman discontinued anime ang Berserk kasi ginawa nila ang anime para lng ma.promote ang manga....
    Tenjou Tenge sayang la ng anime manga nlang :(

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