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Car Wash in Makati?

nix Administrator
Besides the Gas Stations and the Mall Car Wash services, where can I get a very good car wash in the Makati Central Business District?


  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Avoid the Mall car wash services... they don't know how to wash properly and they skimp on water (Very bad for your paint). Some guys also gave bad experiences with the mall wash services (the guy waxed his car without washing anymore!!!).

    For a car wash maybe you could try looking at the Pasong Tamo, Bangkal, and Vito Cruz area at the outskirts of the CBD.
  • tough_guy
    tough_guy -=* Ares *=-
    Valero Carpark (where David's Salon, Mini-Stop and the new Kitaro are located on the ground floor) near the Sede?o Street intersection has a fairly nice car wash services.

    The plusses: affordable (Php66 for cars and Php88 for SUVs, for quick or simple water wash, Php140 and Pph165, respectively, kung may vacuum) and with free parking, unlimited within the day, just tell the counter you'll be having a car wash; ok naman 'yung wash nila although I wouldn't say it's that great. Sa akin, parang mas ok 'yung free parking the whole day, nabawasan pa dumi ng auto ko and mababait naman 'yung mga nagka-car wash. Tapos if you have other parking slots, they can also deliver your car to where you are (although I wouldn't want to try this for security reasons).

    The minuses: mayroong bata silang kasama na medyo makulit. Buti na lang hinintay ko kasi 'yung bata would just go inside the car tapos kakalikutin 'yung auto mo (papatunugin 'yung stereo).

    Guys, I personally know the owner of the Mall Car Wash services. What are you other complaints about their services (so I can mention this to him)?
  • with the mall car wash services, i guess kasi madilim and they have to be watchful of their water usage kaya hindi ganun ka-ok ang quality ng linis.

    Pero I've noticed din na hindi nila nalilinis mabuti yung gulong na part, yung rims pati yung mga putik putik sa loob. I'm not sure why though.

    Downside din pala is they don't have yung blowers to remove the excess water from washing sa mga singit singit ng kotse mo. Kaya they end up as muck dun.
  • nix
    nix Administrator
    On the mall car wash, I agree that because they don't use that much water, the likelihood that your paint will get micro scratches increases. I used to have my car washed there, but when I noticed that the small fine scratches in my car increased, I stopped using their service.
  • 5110
    5110 Be Iconic
    UP! Im looking for cheap but good car wash&wax in Makati area, any suggestions?

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