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Ateneo-La Salle: Bitter Rivals... Why???

I'm a true blue-blooded Atenean. Have you ever wondered why there is even a rivalry between Ateneo and La Salle? After "extensive" research, I have found the answer... maybe. ;-) Ateneo and La Salle used to be exclusively for boys. As such, the competition for the attention and admiration of the "convent-bred" ladies began. It all boiled down to who was better at getting girls.
Seriously, Ateneo wouldn't be Ateneo w/o La Salle. La Salle wouldn't be La Salle w/o Ateneo. Life wouldn't be as fun w/o the existence of the other.


  • I agree w/ yah!
  • As far as I remember, the La Salle-Ateneo rivalry is more intense in high school especiall between Ateneo High and La Salle Green Hills. I guess you guys are right that it started with girls and still is the main reason. I mean brawls do not happen in UAAP unlike in Galleria where kids as young as 9 have actually wrecked cars!

    The irony is everyone thinks its just a glamour factory. Other schools have tried taking a bite in the spoils of this war as UST and FEU tried to start a rivalry with
    La Salle and UP having heated games against Ateneo. I've said this in my other replies in other topics but it's the best proof that the rivalry exists, our office became a cuneta astrodome when the unit manager announced the Ateneo victory, which was paged to her. Even the senior supervisors started chanting their respective alma mater. The war is for real in carries on beyond basketball.
  • Hmmm..'girls' being the reason for the rivalry hu?...I don't think i've ever heard
    that point of view.
    But this I do know..if we knew and heard all
    the various reasons girls had for choosing
    Ateneans over La Sallites, and vise versa,..
    it would make for some very interesting and
    sometimes hilarious conversation..
    Better than all that recruiting giber jaber..
  • @NeO, that's a pretty interesting reason...like rockgardener, I haven't heard of it before, but it makes sense. I wonder, though, if there's a more concrete cause for our rivalry with LaSalle, like a particular fight, or game, or something. Any takers?
    Anyway, in the earliest years of our basketball games (like the 30s and 50s), we seemed to have this intense rivalry against UP, probably at the level of today's DLSU-ATENEO rivalry, with name-calling, brawls and all. Anybody can check it out at the Ateneo College Archives (beside the Rizal Study Foyer). Interesting reading.
    Maybe your question, @NeO, can be answered there, and with solid proof, too! =)
  • I have another theory... maybe it's because the 2 schools are so much alike...plus the fact the rivalry makes both schools more prestigious.
  • RuckuSRuckuS Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    This Rivalry exists basically because, these two schools think that they're the best in this god-forsaken 3rd world country. And in many aspects they are the best. Their students go on to become the managers, supervisors and/or Presidents/CEO's/Owners of the biggest and most successful companies in the Philippines and around the world. And these companies end up competing against each other for profit. The bosses of these companies teach their children the importance of loyalty to Ateneo or Lasalle depending on their alma mater. And these children teach it to thier children and the cycle continues. And as these conglomerates collide so does their children, always trying to outwit each other in an ever-growing, never ending war for supremacy! In the end the final goal is... what school would produce the person who will rule the universe!

    And well the war to attract girls theory works out too. Ateneans hate it when guys from other schools try to steal their chicks. And vise-versa ;)
  • well..since my last post on this topic, I
    ran the question by an atenean who now
    practices law in ny...he's an atenean
    through and through, and attended ateneo
    before and after the war years..in padre
    and to my surprise..he says that..as far as
    he remembers..the first ruckus between
    ateneo and la salle started over....girls.
  • if you're still in school, you might want to check out the Guidon Archives in the library. I recall that in 1991 or so, a researcher tracked down this issue. I'm sure other editions of the school paper also covered it over the years. It would be interesting though to have La Salle's version of the story...
  • The fabled De La Salle-Ateneo friendly rivalry started way back in 1924 when BOTH schools founded the NCAA together with UP, San Beda, UST and National.

    However since ONLY these two Catholic schools had organized cheering squads starting in 1924 during NCAA games their annual dual meets became Manila's glamour School Events.

    The other Manila schools like UP, UST, San Beda and National had NO cheering squads at that time and also their student support during games were not as spirited as that of the La Sallites and the Ateneans. Even today, no other school can match the FIRE AND INTENSITY of the students and alumni of both schools during UAAP or even NCRAA games.

    The fire and intensity of players like La Sallian Dino Aldeguer can be traced to the intensity of his fellow La Sallians generations ago.

    So today ONLY both De La Salle and Ateneo can lay claim to having the very FIRST cheering squads in the Philippines and are the ONLY two schools with a CHEERING TRADITION in this country.

    The fact that sons of the country's elite studied in La Salle and Ateneo added spice to the fabled rivalry. During the pre-war years it is a fact that even Pres. Quezon and his daughters attended and cheered for the De La Salle Green Archers in the NCAA games since his son-Nonong was studying in De La Salle.

    It is a FACT that Ateneo practices THRICE as hard than they normally do when they are scheduled to face the Green Archers in Basketball or Football.

    In fact both would rather lose to any OTHER university RATHER THAN TO EACH OTHER.
  • RuckuSRuckuS Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Thats right dudutt... these two schools would rather lose to another university, rather than to each other. In the corporate world, the rivalry carries on, even in the the work place ateneans and la sallites are still competing for girls!

    Rockgardener: Bring the ruckus! hehehe so the next question would be.. which school gets the bigger share of the girls? hmmm
  • Ruckus..

    In the Business Corporate World, it is also a fact that Ateneans work for La Sallian Bosses.


    Joey Concepcion III - CEO of RFM, Cosmos, Selecta, etc.
    Alfonso Yuchengco - CEO of RCBC, Malayan Insurance Group, etc.
    Francisco Ortigas Jr. - CEO of Ortigas & Co.
    Raul Concepcion - CEO of Carrier/Concepcion Industries
    John Gokongwei Sr. - CEO of JG Summit, Robinsons, Cebu Pacific, etc.
    Ramon del Rosario Jr. - CEO of Asian Bank
    Jose Cuisia Jr. - CEO of Philamlife Group
    Deogracias Vistan - CEO of Solid Bank
    Enrique Zobel - CEO of ENZO & Co.
    Ernesto Rufino - CEO of Mile Long, Theaters
    Jorge Araneta - CEO of Araneta Group
    Carlos J. Valdes - CEO of Carlos j. Valdes Auditing Group
    VicVic Villavicencio - CEO of Kamayan Group & Subic Bay Yacht Club
    Eduardo Cojuangco Jr - CEO of San Miguel Corporation & La Tondena
    Pedro Cojuangco - CEO of Luisita Group
    Carlos Velez - CEO of Vintage Sports
    Geronimo Velasco - CEO of Republic Glass
    Leopoldo Prieto - CEO of Manila Jockey Club
    Henri Lhuillier - CEO of Lhuillier Group

    and many more.

    La Sallians & Ateneans make a perfect combination in the UAAP and the Philippine business world.
  • Honestly speaking, I really dont understand what the hype is all about. Having come from a neutral school, I dont get the point why fight about something which has been going on since time immemorial. La Sallians and Ateneans why not for once give this rivalry a break?Personally, having a boyfriend from Ateneo and several best friends from La Salle who keep on lambasting each other in my presence just because of school issues ceased to be funny nor amusing a long, long time ago. Being a girl myself, I guess you shouldn't use rivalry over girls as an excuse for this matter. Please, we're not a commodity to be fought about. A guys educational background surely is important, but in the end its the breeding that he has which wins out rather than the letterhead in his diploma. With the war in Mindanao going on, Why not put a ceasefire to this issue? There are more important things in life which merits our attention, you know!To La Sallians and Ateneans, live and let live! Just be very thankful and proud that you all had the chance to go to good schools and be trained in the most prestigious educatonal institutions in the country. As to who gets the best girls, Im convent bred myself and to give you my two cents worth, It doesn't matter to us whether you're La Sallians or Ateneans. Whats important is that you treat us like ladies and you love us whole heartedly :)
  • donnapie,

    You answered your own question: you're not from either school, and therefore you will never appreciate and comprehend the oldest rivalry in the Philippines.

    In the US, you have the Harvard-Yale rivalry and the Army-Navy rivalry among the longest and most intense.

    In the UK, you have the Oxford-Cambridge rivalry which is no less intense.

    The Ateneo-La Salle rivalry continues this tradition worldwide among the most prestigious and glamourous institutions.

    There's nothing to question; it's there and part and parcel of Philippine history. You must have a certain rootedness. It is only by this being part of a tradition of rootedness in a prestigious institution that you will fully appreciate the rivalry.

    While you're at it, why don't you question the other rivalries I've just ennumerated? I'm sure those from Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge will laugh at you. Oh, don't forget about the Stanford-Berkeley, the UCLA-USC and the Caltech-MIT rivalries as well.

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  • OneBigFight, thanks for the advice, but I think theres no need for me to question the schools that you mentioned since I'm not affected at all by their rivalry. My main concern is that I know people from both La Salle and Ateneo and I think they're taking this whole thing personally. I just dont like it when they say bad things about each other in front of me just because they come from either of the two schools mentioned. I dont intend to be laughed at by you nor anybody but I'm merely voicing out my opinion. I think thats why in the first place they call this a discussion board right?
  • That's why it's a rivalry. Expect anything in a rivalry. It has a reason for being. Nobody can change that--not you, not I, not the President of the Philippines. Your misgivings over it won't change the rivalry. That's part of its raison d'etre, reason for being.
  • Donnapie and OneBigFight:

    Well, the traditional De La Salle-Ateneo rivalry are AT BEST just a FRIENDLY rivalry amongst these two most glamourous universities in the Philippines.

    If you notice during UAAP Basketball games, while their two universities' players. students and die-hard alumni fiercely fight to the finish - at the end of each game they shake hands like two OLD friends.

    This is so since in the outside world La Sallians and Ateneans are REAL friends and move in the same social circles. Its just that they BOTH passionately love their schools. Also if I may add, these two universities are the ONLY schools with a CHEERING (NOT JEERING AS WHAT OTHER WANNABE SCHOOLS EMPLOY) TRADITION in the Philippines.
    Both can lay claim to the fact that their respective Cheering Squads are the OLDEST in this country since in 1924 ONLY these two schools HAD Cheering Squads.

    Also if you notice, unlike their matches with OTHER schools - there is no TRASH-THROWING during the games and whoever university LOSES humbly accepts defeat.

    NOW that to me is the real ESSENCE of the De La Salle-Ateneo rivalry - INTENSE but CIVILIZED.
  • Very well said Frankie!As long as people take this thing maturedly like you do,I guess there's nothing I have to be concerned about. I hope everybody will see it like you said it,a dose of healthy rivalry and nothing personal. I rest my case!
  • antonnantonn PEx Rookie ⭐
    I agree Donnapie that the La Salle-Ateneo rivalry is really just that a healthy though very fierce competition between two old Philippine Catholic Schools with a lot of the ANIMO tradition. Its really nothing personal.

    La Salle and Ateneo are ALIKE in the sense that they ALWAYS strive for the BEST in whatever they do despite the fact that they do not receive any support at all from the National Government unlike UP which receives P 6 Billion per year.

    While these two schools specialize in different fields La Salle in Commerce/Business, Engineering, Accounting, Computer Science, LIACOM, Medicine, Mathematics, etc. while Ateneo in AB, Law, etc. - both ALWAYS aim to be the BEST in their strongpoints.

    While I am a green-blooded La Sallian(A La Sallian from Prep to College)I have also many Atenean friends but during La Salle-Ateneo games I of course will ALWAYS root for the Green Archers and will always be available to help my Alma Mater in whatever capacity.

    On the National Scene, it is a FACT that ERAP chose four(4) La Sallians instead of Ateneans despite his grade school affinity to Ateneo - as his CLOSEST & MOST TRUSTED CABINET ADVISERS namely Jose T. Pardo-Secretary of Finance(his chief economic adviser), Ronaldo Zamora-Executive Secretary, Brother Andrew Gonzalez FSC-Education Secretary and Rafael Buenaventura-Central Bank Governor.
  • RuckuSRuckuS Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Yeah thats right OBF. I think therefore, I am Atenean
  • donnapie:
    i agree with you on the point of view of girls. :) in the end, what has greatest weight in determining which guy to go for isn't really which school he comes from but how he treats the girl. sure, which school you go to helps, but only on first impressions. when push comes to shove, its how they really are as individuals that count. :)

    but i wouldn't dismiss the rivalry as useless either. i guess this rivalry really stems from the fact that both schools really strive for excellence, and in doing so, they often find each other in the way. it just so happens that in the gradeschool-highschool-college level, its lasalle that ateneo finds as its closest rival in the areas that "matter most": girls and sports.

    but in law school, the rivalry shifts to ateneo-up. probably because its ateneo and up who are the best law schools in the country. and the rivalry in this level is just as intense, in a nerdy, scholastic,intellectual kind of way (LOL! they contend for the tops spots in the bar, the higher passing percentage and instead of sports, we have debate comptetitions! LOL! dweeb city almost.... :) )

    the intensity serves a purpose din. it somehow pushes both ateneans and lasallians to the limits of what they can do, and sometimes, beyond that. :)

    let me put it this way, without the rivalry, uaap wouldn't be half as exciting! :)

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