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pag naging BF ng bestfriend mo ang ex mo

How would you feel pag naging BF ng Best friend mo yung ex mo.

Wuld you be happy for them?

or would you feel betrayed?


  • I'd probably feel weirded out to say the least. O_o

    I think for the most part, it would all depend on how things ended with my ex and I. If it ended on good terms and we felt that we weren't meant to be, then I guess I could live with the fact he's going out with my bestfriend. Maybe it'll work out for them.
  • st.angerst.anger PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kill them when they're sleeping together. :glee:
  • If our relationship ended because of her, then I’d definitely feel betrayed, and might even get angry with both of them. But if the reason was something else and they had the courage to tell me first hand about the truth about them, then I’d take it as it is. It might sting at first, but I could live with it.
  • Don't make me say, "I told you so." HAHAHA.
  • awww... i had one bf pa lang and he's quite special padin so i can't bear the thought that he'd be better with my bestfriend. Specially me going out with them and hearing them talk "finally, i found the girl who can change me..." OUCH.

    sna it won't happen. i won't feel betrayed naman. pero sna wag maging sila.

  • ive experienced dis already.. at first,, it's really an "ouch thing".. thank God i almost recovered dat tym 2 dat guy.. but then,, its not really the same feeling that we girls used to feel when our exes had their new girl already.. one top reason is that because we didnt expect that our bestfriend whom we know that loves us so much and dont want us to be hurt can love the one who hurt us (in a way because in break-ups i believe that both parties are hurt.. ryt?) instantly.. like.. "hey gurl! alam mo naman na ikaw na lang ung maiiyakan ko about dis guy, tapos ganon pa.." ryt? but den.. like all pains,, it takes time to accept it.. kasi u trusted the both of them so much den at the end, all of a sudden, ipaparamdam nla seo na,, "wer sorry.. but we really love ech other" like in my case, nung una, naicp ko, "oh, so, para san pala na naging tau? para makilala at ma-discover na mas kaya mo plang mahalin ung besz ko?!" or cguro.. cnadya un ni God para maging way tau para magkakilala cla.. well,, i assure u,, kung ano man ung reason behing doz plans,, ul feel great at the end wen u prove to them na,, im happy for myself twice as how i am happy for the both of you.. goodluck.. nd kaya mo yan! =)
  • I would feel awkward, no doubt about it but if it's meant to happen so be it. Who am I to tell them who to love and not to love.
  • sken nangyari na din 2.. actually ako ung girl nd ex ko ung bestfriend ng bf ko ngyon.. at first sympre mahirap pero my bf made it a point to ask first my ex if he could court me.. ok nman sa kanya.. but it was hard evrytime we go out at parties kasi they have the same set of friends and it feels awkward.. gradually, naging ok na rin.. :blush2:
  • Isn't that one of the unspoken cardinal rules about friendship?

    Noeth should toucheth the womaneth/maneth that's been touchet by your friend?

    Hahahah. Or something like that.
  • LaTtE`MLaTtE`M PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    I find that rule crap, and I think it only exists among girls. Sa mga lalaki, may the best man win. Kung makuha nung isa yung napakawalan mo, ayos lang yun, quits.

    Sa babae ginagawa nilang forbidden yung exes nila... even if they don't have a hold on the ex anymore. It's like a sourgrape rule. Goes like "If I can't have him you can't have him either!"

    I find that quite juvenile.

    maxine de la pena

    Huwag kang mag-alala. Pag nagbreakup sila ng ex mo, your friendship will grow even stronger... because you will always talk about how much of a jerk he is! You might even team up to exact revenge on him! :rotflmao:
  • baby_07baby_07 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^ Naman! Juvenile ka dyan? :p

    I abide by that unspoken rule kasi masyado naman yata maliit ang mundo para bestfriend ko ang patulan niya. Wala lang. Well goodluck nalang sa kanya if ever kasi my bestfriend happens to be a guy. :glee:
  • LaTtE`MLaTtE`M PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    baby_07 wrote:
    ^ Naman! Juvenile ka dyan? :p

    I abide by that unspoken rule kasi masyado naman yata maliit ang mundo para bestfriend ko ang patulan niya. Wala lang. Well goodluck nalang sa kanya if ever kasi my bestfriend happens to be a guy. :glee:

    Haha :crazytongue:

    Kahit gaano kalaki ng mundo, what if (assuming the truth of destiny) destiny dictates that the way you will meet "the one" person for you is through your bestfriend, but he gets attracted to your bestfriend first and pursues a relationship with her. (assuming that your bestfriend is a girl... deins fafa :glee: )

    If ultimately they'd become happy together, you shouldn't be bitter, right?
  • certain guides and rules ay dapat sundan para sa integrity ng pagkakaibigan
    1. never ligaw ang ex ng friend mo.. kahit na si Weng (GameKNB)
  • thanks guys for replying...

    Im totally over them, good thing, nasa ibang state yung friend ko at nasa ibang state naman yung ex ko.

    one thing's for sure, she can never come crying to me pag nag away sila, bah!!! magdusa siya.

    plus yoko din magsabi ng i told yah so!!! :eyecrazy:
  • saksakin ko sila pareho.

    then hanap ako ng ibang bestfriend.

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