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ewing - baker traded!!!

another blockbuster deal has been made. patrick ewing will be traded for the first time to the seattle supersonics for forward vin baker. this deal will make a strong front court for the sonics after maurice taylor signed with them for the exception. a frontcourt of ewing, taylor and rashard lewis will be a formidable one with horace grant backing them up.


  • Holier than thouHolier than thou PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Holy s***!!! Is the coach of the Sonics thinking? Doesn't he consider the age of a player? Patrick Ewing is almost retiring for his age, and then he is going to trade a younger player for that old guy? Come on!!!

    Whatever everyone will say, I object to that trade! The sonics will lose a very strong power forward in Vin Baker! For me that is one of the most stupid trades ever!!! Vin Baker is already in stardom today, and Patrick ewing is declining! Remember that he didn't play for the championship last year against the spurs?that is because he got injured!

    I can't say anything anymore about this BS trade...
  • Haha lol.gif pagbigyan c tandang laki butas ang ilong! naawa lang cguro sa kanya :)
  • That aint happening!
    Rumor lang yan!
  • susmaryosep. malaking katangahan to kung totoo to.
  • Not realy a rumor pero not sure!
  • This isn't a rumor, IT SIMPLY DIDN'T MATERIALIZE! The four teams in the mix were New York, Detroit, LA Lakers and Seattle, but apparently, the Pistons wanted out because they weren't gonna get the quality players they wanted (Vin Baker). Rice was supposed to go to NY, Laettner to LA, and Pat Ewing to Seattle.

    In other news:

    The Washington Wizards traded Isaac Austin to the Vancouver Grizzlies for Dennis Scott, Cherokee Parks, Felipe Lopez and Obinna Ekezie. Talk about garbage for garbage.

    Also, the Milwaukee Bucks traded Billy Owens to the Pistons for Lindsay Hunter. Maybe because the Pistons wanted to start rookie PG Mateen Cleaves.
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