what is d best thing 2 do f ur guy s super seloso..?? trust is needed ryt?? — PinoyExchange

what is d best thing 2 do f ur guy s super seloso..?? trust is needed ryt??

:nuke: i dont know,, its just dat minsan xe,, nakakaasar na,, ung tipong gngwa mo nman laht 2 assure him na xa lang den gnon pa.. mnsan xe nakakasakal na, tapos more painful side pa e,, d xa naniniwala seo,, walang tiwala.. kaasar! wat can u say? :splat::splat::splat:


  • meteora
    meteora California Guy
    best thing to do is to leave the jerk...hehehehehe.. kailangan kasi ma realize ng mga tao na one way or the other...someone still needs to interact with different people. that's part of living... kung seloso ka or selosa... it just doesn't affect ur partner...but yourself too...kasi lagi kang magaalala eh...then syempre maapektuhan na yung health mo ...tapos nun...hindi ka na makakain... mapapadali ang kamatayan mo...kawawa naman yung partner mo diba...ibigay mo na lang sa iba.
  • jharrrdy
    jharrrdy ♥dangerous♥
    immature sya.

  • LEO24
    LEO24 Banned by Admin
    before i was not too jealous about my girl, but once i discovered she is cheating it made me nuts..it made me jealous more often. yeah its true being jealous it hard sometimes, because before he came to your life you are enjoying: clubbing, gimik, tropa, night outs..etc..but since he came he is refraining you from doing those cause he is seloso. will you sacrifice your hapiness for the happiness of one person. maybe you should try to look for someone more understanding..so you could enjoy youre life more..instead of enjoying lesser. :depressed:
  • zid_08
    zid_08 I is Genious
    kelangan pa bang i memorize yan?!
  • hael76
    hael76 SuRReaL
    that's a tough and frustrating situation to be in, especially if you have not done anything in the past that made him distrust you.

    he must learn to trust you completely. i don't mean to sound corny pero that's really part of loving -- to trust!. otherwise, you're better off with someone who is more secure of himself and who can understand you well.

    just my two cents. :) good luck!
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