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Shawn Kemp to Portland, a done deal

I saw it in NBA.com that Shawn Kemp is signing a contract with the Portland TrailBlazers! Isnt this super! And Lakers is signing a 6-11 power forward Ukrainian!


  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    it's "super" on paper, but it's still a big question mark....

    if shawn kemp decides to clean up his act and shelve those unwanted pounds and play like he did when he was still in seattle, then it is super....

    but if shawn kemp continues to be a liability more than an asset, then the blazers just lost not only a great young talent in brian grant, but also a solid citizen....
  • I just hope Grant stays with Portland pero mukhang malabo na yun.
  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Why Kemp? Come on. Mas pabor pa ako sa hustle ni Brian Grant kaysa sa "bigat" ni Kemp.
  • Yep...I prefer Brian Grant over Shawn Kemp but if Shawn Kemp get his ***** straight, eh di ok...
  • IM a trailblazer fan, n i prefer Brian Grant's game over shawn "overweight" kemp's game. pero la tayong magawa, ayaw na talaga ni brian grant sa portland
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    This is Portland's best salvage job I guess. I mean, if they were going to lose Brian Grant anyway, it's better to take the risk on a person of Shawn's talent level.
  • Naku delikado na ang Lakers!!
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yep, brian grant wants out of portland....the blazers have tried everything to persuade grant to come back, pero ayaw na talaga ni grant.....it's better to get kemp, rather than end up with nothing....
  • yihaaa!!! nice move! portland :) sa wakas
    sa magandang team din napunta si kemp idol :)
  • Galing-galing ni Shawn Kemp eh!
    Tama lang yung ginawa ng Portland!
    Brian Grant over Kemp?
    My god!!!! wala pa sa pwet ni Kemp si Grant eh!
  • Originally posted by Y2K-G_21:
    Galing-galing ni Shawn Kemp eh!
    Tama lang yung ginawa ng Portland!
    Brian Grant over Kemp?
    My god!!!! wala pa sa pwet ni Kemp si Grant eh!

    Magaling si Shawn Kemp...dati. Matagal na iyon. Magaling siya noong ka-partner niya si Payton at dinala nila ang Sonics sa Finals. Magaling siya bago lumabas na marami pala siyang anak sa iba't ibang babae at hindi niya sinusustentuhan. Magaling siya noong hindi pa siya over 50 pounds overweight. Magaling siya noong si George Karl ang coach niya. Ngayon, walking disaster na lang siya.

    What Portland has done is alienate a model-citizen, consistent rebounder, and excellent defender in Brian Grant. They've done it to the point that the man did not want to play for them even for big bucks. Since they weren't going to get anything if Grant left as a free agent, they made the move to at least get a respectable player in Kemp. Make no mistake, that's all Kemp is now, respectable. He isn't even a star anymore. thinker.gif He will be a mere back-up to the Blazers' new star Rasheed Wallace.

    The problem for Portland coach Mike Dunleavy will be to find the right amount of minutes to distribute between Wallace and Kemp, two people who demand the ball. They also have Pippen, Stoudamire, Schrempf, Steve Smith, and Sabonis to share one basketball with. Dunleavy did a great job doing his balancing act last year, but that was before a malcontent like Kemp came on board.

    If you smell what The Rock is cookin! :cool:
  • Holier than thouHolier than thou PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    The last time I heard about Kemp was that he weighed around 240 pounds.How heavy(as you were discussing) is Kemp right now?
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